About Joys and Trials

"Rejoice not against me, O mine enemy: when I fall, I shall arise; when I sit in darkness, the LORD shall be a light unto me." ~Micah 7:8 (KJV)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hating my car

Literally hating it. the past 3 paychecks have gone into to it. first was to get front brakes changed, cause they were overdue for it. Second was to put new brakes on the rear left tire and new wheel cylinders on both rear tires cause my brake fluid leaked and ruined them. this one, my heater core is bad, and my radiator is leaking fluid. so I'm in Washington until car is done cause I can get a ride to work/school from my boyfriend or friends and get to work in time. I'm stuck here till my car is fixed......which means pulling out the dashboard. $80-$100 in parts, not including paying Bro Mark for labor. I payed a $1000 for this thing and have put almost hslf that in repairs in it since.... I know we got it only expecting it to last a year, maybe two......and I know that the end of october will have been a year, but at this point I can't pay my dad the rest of what I owe him, much less by a new car......I need new shoes and have had to hold off on getting those several times now.....and my feet and back/hips are only going to tolerate so much of it.

So yeah, I'm literally hating my car right now. Nothing else to say.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Well, it's certainly been a while since I last posted. Things have been hectic all about. Had an ultrasound at 19 weeks...I'm 21 weeks as of today.....found out that I'm having a girl. We are going to name her Ayla Isabel Stockton.
Today was rather stressful...between school events and not feeling well and not getting enough rest. But I'm starting to get used to that.
Hopefully things will start to get better.
My mind's blank at the moment...I completely forgot what I was going to type. lol.
I am going to bed early tonight......going to try to get more rest than what I've been getting.
Tha's all for tonight. lol.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Break's almost over

Enough said, right? lol. This is the last of my two weeks between semesters. Monday is the beginning of summer classes, both of mine are online, and back to work at the Cafe. Still haven't heard back from the Missouri Career Center. Hope I do hear something soon, if I'm not approved for the program that I applied for then I can only work 10.5 hrs a week or 2 days a week. which will not cover phone, car and gas... If I do get approved, then I can work about 30 hrs a week. So yeah. Jess's friend Alex and his parents, Donna and Alex, visited over the weekend from Alabama. We had fun. went to the zoo on saturday, went to six flags yesterday. got some decent pics, and a whole lot of sun. meh shoulders are really red, but if i'm lucky, then i'll have a tan from it. it hasn't peeled yet, and it usually does that almost right away. so yeah. (again). I am bored today. ba da da dum pffft.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Finals are next week. BBQ Potluck for meh birthday today at 3 till who knows when. Katy's coming in on the 20th, and staying till the 23th. i'm staying with a friend from the 21st to the 23th, just so i don't have to deal with Katy, and McKey not listening, just because her mom is here. -sigh-

Had our last band concert on the 11th, it went well. the college band is playing at the college's spring graduation. we're doing Pomp and Circumstance, Fanfare for a Festive Day, and the Star Spangled Banner. oh joy.
The pic is from our concert night. tha's meh boyfriend Sean with me. i was glad that he was able to come.
might have job at cafe at ecc over summer semester, might not, depends on what a certain program and the college say. -sigh-
if i don't, then i'll go back to platt nursery in union, and talk to the lady again.
other than that, not much else is going on. 2 weeks in between each semester is honestly not enough, but thankfully meh summer classes are online. :D

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Lagging behind:

lol. tha's what i've been doing it feels like. lol.
Everything has just been crazy, and i'm not sure when it's going to end. Spring semester ends with the last day of finals on the 22nd of may. and then on the 28th i'm going with jess on a road trip to alabama, and will come back on the 31st. summer semester starts on the 8th of june, which i have two classes online and will be working at the college cafe again for that and during the fall semester.
Band concert is May 11th at 7:30pm in the John Edson Anglin Theater at ECC. BBQ Potluck is the 16th at our house for my 20th bday, which is this thursday.
Hopefully the weather doesn't turn bad.
Things are going great with Sean. :) he's a good guy, and he takes care of me.

other than that can't really think of anything, but then my mind isn't quite here. i'm tired. lol.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Worn Out

I'm getting a little better at keeping up with my blog... of course, talking bout it last night at Serena's house would never have anything to do with it right? lol.

Am finally done with the Music Festival at ECC, which went smoother than we all thought it would, but now the normal week is going to be a slow drag compared to what we had.... I can't believe Debbie made 600 cookies, and we sold most of them... I only say that because we got to eat a few...lol.

Back to school on Monday, and am in no way ready for it... lol. Not only do I have a paper and a rough draft due, I've not worked out for a week due to spring break and the fitness center being closed, lol, so I'm going to have to get back into the swing of all of that as well. lol.
And mom's pestering me to pic my last two fall classes....yech....don't wanna....not really interested in any of them, and it's hard to find classes that I already have prerequisites for and that will fit around the other classes that I do have picked out already, and since I already registered for those, I can't change them...well.....I could, but it would be a huge pain... lol.

Back on speaking terms with my bro and sis (for now) lol, which is good.

Other than that, I'm just worn out and can't wait for this semester to be over.....lol.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Going, going, gone....

Crazy...what else would I do? lol.
After the International Day at college, which went really well, was the first concert for the ECC Community band, Jazz Band and percussion ensemble.
Mom came and got some pics, mostly of the back of me and she took a video of the last song that we performed; which was Just a Closer Walk with Me.

Tha's the video, which I put up on Youtube.

Finally get Spring Break from the 23rd to the 27th, although my boss Debbie is making me work at Cafe Central on Friday and Saturday for the college's Music Festival that they host every year....so tha'll be interesting and I'll probably need a shrink after it all.

Saw "Once on this Island" performed by the college's theater group on Thursday night. Jess went with me and we enjoyed it. It's a Caribbean folk tale that the Little Mermaid was originally derived from. The group performed very well.

Our next band concert is May 11, 2009. A monday night, only 4 days after my b-day. lol... i can't believe that I'm almost 20! It's almost scary...lol.

Kourtney had her b-day party yesterday...I had fun. lol. Got to shoot Bro. Brian's 22 gauge handgun...I'm not too big on handguns, but that one was nice...lol. Then I shot the 20 gauge shotgun...not bad, for only one shot.....of course when Bro. Brian saw me this morning he teased me about being Annie Oakley...lol.

Really annoyed with my bro and sis, but won't go into detail on that, but they're both mad at me and mom. I'm not taking them anyplaces anymore. It's just not worth the hassle.
Then with Miss Kenzie arguing and backtalking all the time. I really need out of the house, school's not enough because I'm always worried bout something, or having to deal with a deadline. I just need a break with no worries or deadlines, which is why I'm not thinking about that dentist appointment on Thursday night.....lol.

Thas bout it for now.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Recent news in the world of craziness

Work has been going well. I am enjoying it and have made several new friends, and a few casual aquaintances.

School itself is the hardest issue. Keeping up with my homework is a little hard at times, but only cause I am so forgetful. Especially for Oral Communications, but tha's mainly because it's a seperate website that we have to use for all of our assignments.

Just recently volunteered at the college for the International Day, and am working on the 28 & 29 of March in the Cafe during the Music Festival that the college has every year.

First concert is this Wednesday at the ECC theater at 7pm....and I'm dreading it a whole lot >_<

Almost done with my Foundation Seminar class, Wednesday being the last day, so that'll help a bit. I'll be able to work out earlier in the morning and get to work earlier, which means more time on the clock and more cash in my pocket...or rather in my accounts. lol

I suppose there is more...lol..but I'm off to bed now.

* the pic is one of the 'trading cards' from International Day, it's me dressed in the Japanese traditional yukata. *

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Have gone

Crazy that is. I'm up to 17 credit hours, the four band practices a week, AND i'm starting work at the ECC cafeteria "Cafe Central".
Then there's the whole issue with the rather irritating "Cengage.com" that i'm supposed to use for my Oral Comm. class.
Miss Kenzie is still ours for the time being, Mom and Dad not recieved the 'official' verdict, but Katy's mad...and Mom's pretty sure it's working out in our favor. Keep praying to that end.
As the the Partylite, tha'll have to be put on hold for I don't know how long, but my schedule is just tooo crazy.
Then, (lol) March 7th is International Day at college, and I'm helping out there. March 11th is my first band concert. March 27th and 28th is the ECC area Music Festival, and I have to work in the Cafe on those days, cutting my spring break a little short, but at least I am getting paid for it *^_^*
I also have no clue on how I'm going to catch up in band fast enough. I need to practice with my section, but they all do Jazz band after College band, and work as well, so none of us really have any free time at the same time. >_<
I'm going to miss a few church services just to be able to keep up with homework, and still get enough trumpet practice in.....I am sooo worn out. Spring break isn't going to come soon enough ;-)
tha's it for now. I'm off to bed. *&_&*

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Going to go crazy

I am pretty sure that that will happen well before the end of the semester...no joke!
I'm now up to 17 credit hours in college. I have 4 times a week that I'll have to practice trumpet, although right now it's a cornet...they didn't have a 'trumpet trumpet'. So I'm up to 5 classes on Tuesday, 4 on thursday, 3 on wednesday and 2 day classes and one night class on mondays.
so not only do i have to take a backpack, lunch bag, and a binder and gym bag...i've now gotta carry an instrument everyday >_<
So if you see me acting strange...you now know why. and Kate, i'm going to be a whole lot more tired...and idk about the crazy part...maybe a bit more...maybe a bit less.

Monday, February 2, 2009


I was going to give an update on school and all that...then i got to my blog, and reread the phrase under the page title...and remembered how much of a kick i get out of that thing...cause it suits this page so well! lol.


Back to school. Still like it. am making several friends, and hate writing essays and such.
got the paper for marriage and family done, but still have to write a descriptive narrative for english comp. (ms. sumey [yes, pronounced "sue-me"] would have a heart attack if she saw my grammar on this...lol) any ideas? it can be fictuous..but has to be grounded in reality...meaning it should be based on some passed experience...and i have no clue...i could always write about working at the factory..but that would turn into a book *^_^* lol

Hmm..am considering selling partylite candles...and possibly will be making cards with jess to sell :)
we're talking it over...might be a awhile...what with all the studying i have to do...and papers >_<
i'll keep you posted on that one.
just one class today. and my cousin Zack is in town from Florida visiting his parents and sister. he's supposed to come to the house...they'll call if he does.

tha's it for now *^_^*

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Lol. No classes yesterday or today >_<
Tons of snow and it's way too cold. I can't wait for spring and summer. I really hate this cold weather and I don't agree with Jess that the snow makes the cold worthwhile...>_<
I could live without both, and I really would rather being in a class right now....I hate being stuck at home too!
Can't wait for all this snow to melt and for it to get warmer.
And hope we have classes tomorrow.

Friday, January 23, 2009

This week:

Weeelll...started college on Tuesday. I'm taking Intro Algebra, Oral Communications, Marriage and Family, and English Comp. 1 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I take Foundation Seminar and Intro to Fitness & Wellness on Mondays and Wednesdays.
Haven't really done the fitness...go in on Wednesday at 11am to set up my personal time and routine. Other than that, I like all my teachers, and enjoy my classes. I really like Mr. Anglin, my Oral Comm. teacher, he's so fun, and outgoing....and we'll only have to meet in the classrooms on Tuesday from now on. In his class we're split into 4 groups. Each group has to come up with a logo, song and metaphor. We're getting further on the song and logo than we have with the metaphor. But we get to work on it in class Tuesday a bit.
Hang out in the library after classes, and do school work and whatever, since I go in with mom.
That's about it so far. (Nice thing bout the math....Mrs. Mentz explains for us whatever we don't understand until we do understand it. :) )
still no job....might sell partylite...

Friday, January 16, 2009


Went to college orientation last night...was interesting. Nice to see my cousin Sarah and her husband Robbie. Saw a few other faces that I knew as well, which is a little weird...cause some I haven't seen in 6 or 7 years. Amazing how little some people can change in that amount of time.
Have classes in just 2 of the buildings so that'll make it a little easier....although...and it was rather stupid of me...but I just wasn't thinking bout it at the time...I didn't set aside anytime for lunch....so I'm stuck with a lot of snacks ;)

Fighting an upper respitory infection, am on an antibiotic for 10 days. Such fun.

Continue to pray for Brittni Larson. She's had a surgery that removed her lower bowel, leaving her only with the upper, but the good new is that after she heals that should be the end of all that and she won't have to go throughout life with a bag. So we're all grateful for that plus-side and we all hope to see her back at church very soon :)

Still no job, which bites. Although word is that the owner of the McDonald's in Union is going to suggest to the hiring manager there to interview me...and I've got it from a good source ;) So if I don't get a call by Tuesday, then I'll be calling them by Wednesday afternoon. Hopefully I hear something soon. I'm getting tired of looking and calling people. It's going to be hard enough as it is with my strange class schedule...and no lunch! yikes....going to after rememdy that ;)

Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy (belated) New Year ;)

Well...happy new year...a little belated i admit. Not much new. McKey's trying to readjust to the school schedule that she's not had for 2 weeks. which i'll have to do as well. make some adjustments. College starts January 20th, no job still. Miss Cindy Shocklee says Jess and I should make cards and sell them to people. she apparently knows several people who would buy cards. which is what we did today. we went to Miss Cindy's house and made cards for several hours. The collage is of the cards i made.
Mitch now has a punching bag, but no gloves. they cost to much right now. but he's happy bout just having the bag ;)

Can't think of anything else. :)

later for now.