About Joys and Trials

"Rejoice not against me, O mine enemy: when I fall, I shall arise; when I sit in darkness, the LORD shall be a light unto me." ~Micah 7:8 (KJV)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Have gone

Crazy that is. I'm up to 17 credit hours, the four band practices a week, AND i'm starting work at the ECC cafeteria "Cafe Central".
Then there's the whole issue with the rather irritating "Cengage.com" that i'm supposed to use for my Oral Comm. class.
Miss Kenzie is still ours for the time being, Mom and Dad not recieved the 'official' verdict, but Katy's mad...and Mom's pretty sure it's working out in our favor. Keep praying to that end.
As the the Partylite, tha'll have to be put on hold for I don't know how long, but my schedule is just tooo crazy.
Then, (lol) March 7th is International Day at college, and I'm helping out there. March 11th is my first band concert. March 27th and 28th is the ECC area Music Festival, and I have to work in the Cafe on those days, cutting my spring break a little short, but at least I am getting paid for it *^_^*
I also have no clue on how I'm going to catch up in band fast enough. I need to practice with my section, but they all do Jazz band after College band, and work as well, so none of us really have any free time at the same time. >_<
I'm going to miss a few church services just to be able to keep up with homework, and still get enough trumpet practice in.....I am sooo worn out. Spring break isn't going to come soon enough ;-)
tha's it for now. I'm off to bed. *&_&*

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Going to go crazy

I am pretty sure that that will happen well before the end of the semester...no joke!
I'm now up to 17 credit hours in college. I have 4 times a week that I'll have to practice trumpet, although right now it's a cornet...they didn't have a 'trumpet trumpet'. So I'm up to 5 classes on Tuesday, 4 on thursday, 3 on wednesday and 2 day classes and one night class on mondays.
so not only do i have to take a backpack, lunch bag, and a binder and gym bag...i've now gotta carry an instrument everyday >_<
So if you see me acting strange...you now know why. and Kate, i'm going to be a whole lot more tired...and idk about the crazy part...maybe a bit more...maybe a bit less.

Monday, February 2, 2009


I was going to give an update on school and all that...then i got to my blog, and reread the phrase under the page title...and remembered how much of a kick i get out of that thing...cause it suits this page so well! lol.


Back to school. Still like it. am making several friends, and hate writing essays and such.
got the paper for marriage and family done, but still have to write a descriptive narrative for english comp. (ms. sumey [yes, pronounced "sue-me"] would have a heart attack if she saw my grammar on this...lol) any ideas? it can be fictuous..but has to be grounded in reality...meaning it should be based on some passed experience...and i have no clue...i could always write about working at the factory..but that would turn into a book *^_^* lol

Hmm..am considering selling partylite candles...and possibly will be making cards with jess to sell :)
we're talking it over...might be a awhile...what with all the studying i have to do...and papers >_<
i'll keep you posted on that one.
just one class today. and my cousin Zack is in town from Florida visiting his parents and sister. he's supposed to come to the house...they'll call if he does.

tha's it for now *^_^*