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"Rejoice not against me, O mine enemy: when I fall, I shall arise; when I sit in darkness, the LORD shall be a light unto me." ~Micah 7:8 (KJV)

Monday, January 25, 2010

7 days and counting

Well, we have a car seat, will have to get a few more bases for it, so that we're not constantly switching that out. Planning on getting a packable playpen as well, but that can wait a bit.
Haven't felt any real pain since yesterday. Occasionally I'll feel a twinge in my back, but not near the point it's been at. Which I'm extremely thankful for. Was able to get a decent amount of sleep, although I was still pretty groggy at 8:30 when my body let me know that I wasn't allowed to lay in bed any longer. So I moved to the couch and dozed there till about noon. That helped a lot too. Still quite a bit tired, but after all the stress and pain this weekend, I'm not surprised. Sean's tired too, but he had it pretty stressful too.
OB appointment tomorrow. Am curious to see what they say after my check-up there. Blood pressure looks like it's going back to my normal range, so we're happy about that, and since it's been doing good, I've not been doing much bedrest. Still not doing any chores or cleaning around the apartment (although it needs it) but I'm not laying down as much, and sitting up more. Which is nice. lol.
Hopefully my blood pressure stays down where it should be.
It's 6:34pm, so I think I'll make it to the OB tomorrow without incident, although I'm not making that an absolute. It wouldn't really surprise me if I started feeling the contractions again.
Nurse practitioner at the OB's office called this morning to see how my bp was doing. We had told her Friday when she had called that I was having chest pains, she sounded surprised today to hear that it was contractions....mom thought it was heartburn or gas, she thought it was nothing. Both were wrong. Oh well. Mom and I don't really care for the NP at Dr Lange's office, but when he's booked or out of town, not much we can do. He's back in town, but since he was gone, he's completely booked appt wise tomorrow, so we'll have to see her again. But we can talk to him if we have any questions. I might do that. I don't know for sure. We'll see how tonight and tomorrow night goes, but I'll probably see what he wants to have planned in case I have the contractions that bad again, I know that some of that will depend on the results of my check-up tomorrow.
Keep your fingers crossed.
Tha's about it for tonight. Will post again tomorrow or Wednesday.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

False Alarms

Am so sick of them. Went today to the hospital for the 3rd time. Contractions started this morning at 3am, got worse at 6am, let up at about 9am and restarted about 10am. But, as there was no further progress, I was sent home, again. Was given a shot, I was told would either ease the pain, and allow me to rest, or would send me into labor. Luckily I was able to get some rest, which I needed a lot. Next OB appointment is Tuesday. I'm hoping that I'll make it that long. Blood pressures are looking good. Have chiropractor on Wednesday and Friday, and MG meeting on Wednesday night. I'm hoping that I'll be able to make them all, the meeting especially. I don't wanna miss out on that. I'm really looking forward to it, but to make it to those depends on what my body's doing, and whether or not mom is able to take me, cause I'm really not driving myself at this point.
My contractions usually last for about 5 1/2 hours, today was the longest time, and the worst ones. The shot that I got has helped, still not feeling the pain 8 hours later, but I've been itching like crazy on my face and feet. Friend thinks it's probably a mild allergic reaction. Mom says to mention it next time I go in to hospital or Tuesday when I see the nurse practitioner, whichever comes first.
Am hoping the OB appointment comes first.
At this point I'm at 1cm, 75% and -2. No real change since last night in that case.
Other than that, I can't really think of anything else, but then my mind is slightly groggy from the meds, not majorly, just enough that I have a hard time remembering things....(just a bit worse than normal. *^_^*)
Will keep updating.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

This bites

Am on bed-rest till further notice. Borrowing a digital blood pressure cuff, have to monitor bp and Ayla's activity tonight and over the weekend. Today was my 3rd visit to the OB, the 2nd time for bp tests. Had blood work done Tuesday. Go back next Tuesday for normal checkup and followup on bp. My bp is fine when I'm laying down, but elevates when I'm sitting, and really spikes after even a little activity on my part....getting up to use the restroom is apparently enough to cause it to spike. Blood work was decent, and everything else checks out too.
Back to Washington tomorrow night. Will still have to be good while I'm there, and remain in bed, but I'm still going. Am so glad that Sean got me this wireless keyboard and mouse set....it's really come in handy right now. makes it easy enough to lay down and still type.
2 chiropractor visit next week, Wednesday and Friday. Got a meeting Wednesday night for the Pacific Beautification Project, which I get to help out with. I feel like I've become the secretary for our group in the Franklin County Master Gardeners. Looks like the Oh_Niners are going to be doing the Beautification Project. Oh_Niners being the name that we gave ourselves as graduates of the 2009 course, to distinguish ourselves from others in the FC Master Gardener Program. It's worked out great. We have our own yahoo group....which if you have questions bout something in your yard or garden you can email the group at Oh_Niners@yahoogroups.com. Someone from the group will respond and help out the best they can.
Monday will make it a week to the given due date. Looks like as long as I have no other issues besides the elevated bp, then I wont have to worry bout having a c-section if it's not necessary. Will try to deliver Ayla naturally. I don't know if I'll get an epidural....something about having a needle stuck into my spine just doesn't sit well with me. lol.
Other than all of that. I don't think there's much else. :)

Friday, January 15, 2010


Well, I was going to paint. But I've been told flat out by my sister that I am not to go near the paint or the brushes. She's supposed to be over all day tomorrow to paint. If that actually happens, is another story completely. Lol.
I am so bored sitting around the house with nothing to do. I have to be careful, since I'm not doing much, it's very easy to just start eating constantly...and while mom says i should 'graze' i hate eating all the time, and being hungry all the time really frustrates me. Lol.
Back into Washington tonight. OB on Tuesday, Chiro on Wednesday, and have to schedule another Chiro appt for next week, probably Friday....since she wants me to come 2x a week. Monday makes it 2 weeks to given due date. Still honestly think I'm going to be late, and the OB seems pretty confident that I won't be early after my last visit.
Other than that, I was asked to help out with this:
Which I gladly accepted, and Jessica's offered to babysit for me already so I can help out, which is great. That means that John's not the only one closer to getting his 30 hrs for his first year in the MG program. *^_^* can't wait!

Tha's bout it for now. :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Mom's getting a crib mattress, so that's one thing taken care of...found a lady who was getting rid of a spare, so we get it for free. and it's in good condition...which is great. lol. so she'll be picking that up.
ECC classes don't start until the 19th, so i won't have the car seat until about that time, if my friend remembers to bring it to mom. lol. in either case, if we get it from her, or have to buy one, we're going to have to get several bases, seeing as how both sets of grandparents will need a base, and sean and i'll both need a base....although, with my car, i wouldn't need one for long until i can get a new car...which is frustrating, as i don't have a job, and don't have money right now....
Am approved for medicaid, but it expires two months after Ayla is born, so i'll have to reapply for both of us, but i don't think that i'll have too much trouble with that.
Other than that, still tired. feet are still swollen, and feel bruised, although they don't look it at all.
Am going to try to paint a bit today. i feel fine one minute and then completely wiped out the next. -sigh-
tha's it for today.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

3 weeks left....or so the doc says

The doc says my due date is Feb. 1st... I think that I'm going to be late. But tha's just my hunch. Guess we'll find out for sure in just a few weeks. lol.
Went to the chiro today. Supposed to go back 2x next week. Looks like I'm approved for medicaid...will have to reapply after Ayla is born to get her covered as well, but at least it's a start. lol. A friend is supposed to drop off a car seat with mom at school for me. Hopefully she won't forget. A car seat and crib mattress are the two biggest things left that I need right now. Mom's planning on picking up the mattress soon.
Bedroom is being repainted...mostly by Jessica....I'd like to help, but I've not been feeling that great lately. Will be glad when this is all over.

Tha's about it for now. Will try to post on the blog more often than I have in the past. *^_^*

Friday, January 8, 2010

Almost there

This coming Monday makes it 3 weeks left to the due date given by the doc. Dad's betting I'm late, another friend is betting I'm early. Doc says long as I don't have her before the 25th we're good....he's out of town till then..lol.
Personally, I think I'm going to be late...my body's never really worked well with schedules like this. lol. the only schedule it's kept is always being awake before the alarm goes off. but I've got a feeling Ayla won't be born on the 1st...just a hunch...guess we'll find out if that hunch is wrong or not. so much stuff i got...so much more I need. still no car seat or crib mattress...which those are the major 2 things at this point.
But I know I'll get them one way or another. Thanks to everyone who came to my shower!