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Monday, January 25, 2010

7 days and counting

Well, we have a car seat, will have to get a few more bases for it, so that we're not constantly switching that out. Planning on getting a packable playpen as well, but that can wait a bit.
Haven't felt any real pain since yesterday. Occasionally I'll feel a twinge in my back, but not near the point it's been at. Which I'm extremely thankful for. Was able to get a decent amount of sleep, although I was still pretty groggy at 8:30 when my body let me know that I wasn't allowed to lay in bed any longer. So I moved to the couch and dozed there till about noon. That helped a lot too. Still quite a bit tired, but after all the stress and pain this weekend, I'm not surprised. Sean's tired too, but he had it pretty stressful too.
OB appointment tomorrow. Am curious to see what they say after my check-up there. Blood pressure looks like it's going back to my normal range, so we're happy about that, and since it's been doing good, I've not been doing much bedrest. Still not doing any chores or cleaning around the apartment (although it needs it) but I'm not laying down as much, and sitting up more. Which is nice. lol.
Hopefully my blood pressure stays down where it should be.
It's 6:34pm, so I think I'll make it to the OB tomorrow without incident, although I'm not making that an absolute. It wouldn't really surprise me if I started feeling the contractions again.
Nurse practitioner at the OB's office called this morning to see how my bp was doing. We had told her Friday when she had called that I was having chest pains, she sounded surprised today to hear that it was contractions....mom thought it was heartburn or gas, she thought it was nothing. Both were wrong. Oh well. Mom and I don't really care for the NP at Dr Lange's office, but when he's booked or out of town, not much we can do. He's back in town, but since he was gone, he's completely booked appt wise tomorrow, so we'll have to see her again. But we can talk to him if we have any questions. I might do that. I don't know for sure. We'll see how tonight and tomorrow night goes, but I'll probably see what he wants to have planned in case I have the contractions that bad again, I know that some of that will depend on the results of my check-up tomorrow.
Keep your fingers crossed.
Tha's about it for tonight. Will post again tomorrow or Wednesday.

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