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Thursday, January 21, 2010

This bites

Am on bed-rest till further notice. Borrowing a digital blood pressure cuff, have to monitor bp and Ayla's activity tonight and over the weekend. Today was my 3rd visit to the OB, the 2nd time for bp tests. Had blood work done Tuesday. Go back next Tuesday for normal checkup and followup on bp. My bp is fine when I'm laying down, but elevates when I'm sitting, and really spikes after even a little activity on my part....getting up to use the restroom is apparently enough to cause it to spike. Blood work was decent, and everything else checks out too.
Back to Washington tomorrow night. Will still have to be good while I'm there, and remain in bed, but I'm still going. Am so glad that Sean got me this wireless keyboard and mouse set....it's really come in handy right now. makes it easy enough to lay down and still type.
2 chiropractor visit next week, Wednesday and Friday. Got a meeting Wednesday night for the Pacific Beautification Project, which I get to help out with. I feel like I've become the secretary for our group in the Franklin County Master Gardeners. Looks like the Oh_Niners are going to be doing the Beautification Project. Oh_Niners being the name that we gave ourselves as graduates of the 2009 course, to distinguish ourselves from others in the FC Master Gardener Program. It's worked out great. We have our own yahoo group....which if you have questions bout something in your yard or garden you can email the group at Oh_Niners@yahoogroups.com. Someone from the group will respond and help out the best they can.
Monday will make it a week to the given due date. Looks like as long as I have no other issues besides the elevated bp, then I wont have to worry bout having a c-section if it's not necessary. Will try to deliver Ayla naturally. I don't know if I'll get an epidural....something about having a needle stuck into my spine just doesn't sit well with me. lol.
Other than all of that. I don't think there's much else. :)

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