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"Rejoice not against me, O mine enemy: when I fall, I shall arise; when I sit in darkness, the LORD shall be a light unto me." ~Micah 7:8 (KJV)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Another update

She's gassy as ever. lol. I feel bad for her..and the Mylicon drops do very little for her. But she's not constipated, so that's good...that would just add to her misery. She had a hard time falling asleep again after her 2:30 feeding....so I put her on the boppy pillow and laid it next to me. She fell asleep just before 4am, and slept till bout 7:30 and slept more after that. I was able to get a shower in without her waking up. *^_^* lol.
Right now she's laying on the boppy pillow in my lap and making noises. She ate a little....she's too gassy to eat a whole lot. Her stomach gets so tight, I sit here and massage it for her, which helps a little. I was pumping her legs yesterday, and she spit up on my pillow. lol.
Went to see the surgeon yesterday to let him know how I am doing. He said the knots could come to the surface, which would explain the bump in one of the incisions that I can feel, but he said it's nothing to worry bout, so I'm not. Back to the OB on Tuesday for the 4 week follow-up.
March 4th is my WIC appointment, and when I take Ayla back for a weight check-up. She was up to 9lb at the last appointment. It's hard to believe she's already 3 weeks old. Time's flying by too quickly.

I'm really grateful to her Grandma Dawn for being so willing to watch her. Sean and I were able to go on a date on the 14th, and are going on one again this Sunday. It's good for Ayla, so she can get used to not being with me all the time. She apparently raised quite a holler last Sunday, and settled pretty quick as soon as I held her. She knows Mommy, tha's for sure. Biggest thing is getting her to recognize Daddy, which is hard since she only sees him occasionally. Hopefully spending the weekend with him will help out a lot.

Rotated Ayla onto her stomach on the boppy....she's falling asleep. lol. She's still gassy, but I think it's helping to relieve the pain. Don't worry, when I put her in the crib she'll be on her back.

Have more pics on Facebook for those of you who have that, and more on my Picasa page for those who got that email. (namely those without Facebook. *^_^* ).

Tha's about it for now. *^_^*

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

She's here.

Ayla Isabel Stockton was born January 27, 2010 at 8:17 am. She was 8lbs, 9oz and 21in long.
Ayla, Sean and I are all doing well. Ayla is great and hardly ever fusses and is getting to where she barely fusses when her diaper or clothes are changed.
I am recovering quite well from my surgery, and am able to lift her out of her crib. Our room is slowly regaining order as I regain my strength and energy. I go in a few weeks to see the surgeon again for a follow uo, and 3 weeks to see the OB for another.
During delivery, although it went well, I had no strength or energy, (probably due to the gallbladder attacks) and a vac was used to bring Ayla into the world.
Had my gallbladder removed on Saturday, and started to make a decent recovery shortly after being returned to my room. Ayla and I finally left the hospital on Sunday, which we were all glad to be finally leave.
She is amazingly alert, and rarely fusses. She had her first bath last night, and didn't make a sound.....maybe cause she had been fed before hand? lol.
I think if I let her she would almost sleep the whole night as well. She's come close a few times, but I woke her up to feed her.
I've been blessed with this little girl, her Daddy and I both love her and are very happy with our little-bit.