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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Can't believe it

Can't believe that Ayla is now 6 months old. That Sean and I'll be moving in with our friends Nick and Kimmie in about a month, and that I'm getting married in 2 months. Can't believe my first night of training at the Allenton McDonald's is tomorrow night. Things are so crazy right now. With the bridal shower on Aug. 28th at 2pm at mom and dad's and then dress shopping (yep, haven't done that yet) on Sept. 11th. and then the wedding on Sept. 25th. Have registered at www.bedbathandbeyond.com and www.target.com. What's not on one, is more than likely on the other. Gift cards? the visa's are preferable....I love the fact that you can use those anyone....someone actually had a good idea. ;) lol. Master Gardener meeting tonight...the first I've been to in a while. This will be a good time for me to let them all know what's happening...so I don't really talk to them any other times. lol.

Ayla's not "crawling", but she's definitely moving. Face-down and scoot! lol. She loves the jump-a-roo that's currently at Sean's parent's house. It will be coming here this weekend and the saucer seat that is here will be going to my mom and dad's house, since there's another seat for her at Dawn and Harold's.

This week's schedule for McDonald's I have 42 hours...not a bad amount of pay...as well as the time spent at orientation. I do wish that their pay system was a little more regular....we get paid such weird days...but ah well. need to ask Pam bout splittin my direct deposit...so i don't have to go to the bank and pull the money from one to put it into the other....I don't currently have online banking, and mom's name is only on the one account....so she can't do it for me.....ah well. lol.

Sean brings me roses on occasion, just because.....I'm really glad that I met him...He takes care of Ayla and me, and I couldn't ask for more...(sappy I know. but get over it.)


other than that, I think that tha's bout it.

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