About Joys and Trials

"Rejoice not against me, O mine enemy: when I fall, I shall arise; when I sit in darkness, the LORD shall be a light unto me." ~Micah 7:8 (KJV)

Monday, November 14, 2011


"There's a first time for everything". I've heard that quote, I've even said it myself.
However, after tonight, there are some firsts I could live without, and am hoping those firsts don't become a second and third, and so on and so forth.
Got my dishes done today, cooked dinner, made coffee (mostly for Sean, but I took a cup too), ate dinner, stuck Ayla on the toilet, and then in the tub. Wash her hair, and body, and let her play. Go back in a minute later, and she's pooped in the tub. Now I know most parents have dealt with that happening at least once....and honestly, I don't think it would have bugged me so much if it had just a bit more solidity to it. So I get Ayla out of the tub, dry her off, and put her pullup on her, and go back to start draining the water carefully. Ayla's trying to climb back in to the tub, so I have to wake Sean so I can finish cleaning up, and I get huffed at. :/ I could start a whole rant just from there, but I won't.
The joys (and trials) of motherhood. Tomorrow's another day, I know but I'm not really looking forward to it. :p

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Not much going on lately. Spent yesterday at the in-laws visiting with them, it was nice. Church with mom and them today.
It's terrible, I used to be able to remember dates and appointments easily, but now I have to put everything onto a calendar or I forget completely about it if it's not a regular event, like class or church. Thursday and Friday this past week I wound up watching McKey, who was sick. Thursday was better then Friday, only cause she's wasn't so active that day. ;)
Tuesday it's back to class, I have a test that night, and have to finish several papers before going in, as my last day to turn all that stuff in is next Tuesday. I can't believe it's almost over. Am going to have to take a day, I think the 26th before we have Thanksgiving with Sean's family to finish up my online assignments for this class. Dentist appointment is Tuesday morning, that's going to make my day (not). Need to call the Chiropractor too, and buy a heatpad for my back. :p It's hard to believe that November's flying by so fast, I think faster then October did.....Ayla's already almost to the 22 month mark. >.<
From the time I turned 18 to this past birthday, I hadn't really felt much different, even my first birthday with a baby, but now that Ayla's almost 2 years old, I'm starting to feel different and older. I'm not exactly liking it. :p I can't hardly believe that I'm almost 23, as it really doesn't seem possible. k

Sorry for the random tangents... Just typing whatever comes to mind..Though I think I will finish up now, I have another migraine coming on from my wisdom teeth...need to see bout getting them pulled sometime, and what we can do about my jaw, which is 5mm to the right. I'm just full of problems. :)

Till my next odd, random post. :D

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


My back is killing me! :) One of the ladies is teaching me to sew.....and naturally the first steps are measuring, reading the pattern and cutting the fabric. It's that last step that gets to me, as we are bending over a dining room table. >.< I'm definitely enjoying the learning experience, but oh my a taller table would be nice...and I'm short. lol. I definitely want a house with at least 5 bedrooms when we can buy one. One of those rooms will be dedicated to sewing, and I will have a tall table. lol. My first sewing project is a dress for me. We'll see how it goes, as we've only gotten some of the fabric cut. I go tomorrow for more cutting, and am going to have to find another time instead of Tuesday next week. Yay dentist. :'( I also have to catch up on homework that day before class. Thankfully Jessica's going to watch Ayla for me. I'm going to have to make her take her another day too, so I can get the online quizzes done. :/ Unfortunately I have a test in class on Tuesday, I have no idea how I'm going to be after a 2hr dentist appointment.
Pretty much just did this post to move past my rant. :)

Friday, November 4, 2011


So, I'm tired of hearing that being a stay-at-home mom doesn't qualify as a job. Have any of you ever looked up the meaning of "job"? You really should, it's one of those wear we think we know the meaning, but in actuality we know that part that suits our needs.
Stay-at-home mom's aren't given their proper credit. It's the mommy's who are able to buck up and clean up the vomit and poop, even when it makes us gag....(Though if you're a Dad who does it, kudos to you!) Cause I know that my husband just about vomits every time Ayla does. You know what? I want to too sometimes, but someone's got to clean up the mess. Stay-at-home moms don't take their kids to daycare for the day and let them deal with the fits, screaming, biting, and hitting. We get to deal with it all day, and sometimes it puts us in a bad mood too, and we don't wanna have to hear that we're useless people who can't get a real "job". We have to take care of 3 meals and several snacks, poopy diapers, teething, fevers, vomit, tempers and picky appetites. No, we're not paid to do this stuff, we do it because we feel it's our calling, and you have no right to attempt to run us into the ground because we don't have a "job" that follows your idea of "work". I work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and I don't get paid, most days I don't even get a thank you. Don't judge us, until you've spent a day in our shoes. I'd like to see you do it and keep your sanity and a cheerful mood.
So go and look up the word "job" and maybe you'll start to appreciate us a little more.
And that's my rant for the day. If I offend you, I am honestly not very sorry, cause I'm offended being told I don't have a "real job".
Hoping everyone has a great weekend!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Fall Fun

So, we went to the annual lock-in at the local community college hosted by the R and R Club that my husband and I are members of (He helped found the club). We took Ayla along for a few hours before taking her to moms. She was Goldilocks (minus the gold locks). Have gotten to spend more time with my sister Jessica S, we spent the day baking, and then at the lock-in this past Friday, and then yesterday we went and saw the new 3 Musketeers movie, which we enjoyed greatly. Saturday, Ayla and I went with my parents and cousin to visit my other sister Jessica K, and to meet the newest granddaughter Sophia Elizabeth. She was so tiny(7lb, 11oz)! Ayla wasn't that little (8lb, 9oz). :) So my parents now have three Granddaughters: Zoe Rose, Ayla Isabel and Sophia Elizabeth.  Zoe and Sophia are both Jessica K's, and Ayla is mine. :) On my husband's side of the the family, there's three granddaughters as well (Ayla's the youngest there). Someone really needs to have a boy. ;)   I dropped my English Comp II class at the college, so no more rants about that instructor. Just my history class, which I'm doing pretty well in, and need to get the online stuff done. >.<  I hate online homework. Not taking Ayla trick-or-treating this year. She wouldn't enjoy it....she screams at "bad" things when we watch Barbie or Tinker Bell movies, so we'll wait a while and see. That's bout it for now. :)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Halloween Candy to Christmas Ornaments

Halloween is literally just around the corner, and while we are not planning to go trick or treating this year, I thought this was incredibly neat. I am thinking of just buying candy so I can do this, even though I doubt we'll have a Christmas tree as we have no room, I can decorate Mom's tree, since one of these years I will be taking "my" ornaments from her stash.
So after Halloween, take some of those left over hard candies, like Lifesavers, and lets make them into Christmas Ornaments. It's number 5 at the Science20 blog.

You will need:

Heavy metal cookie cutters (large copper ones are ideal)

Vegetable Spray

Lifesavers or other hard candy

Aluminum foil


Narrow shiny ribbon

   Preheat oven to 350°. Line cookie sheet with aluminum foil. Spray cookie cutters and foil with vegetable spray. Fill cookie cutters with candy in a single layer using however many will fit inside.
   Bake 5 to 7 minutes until candies are melted.
Remove from oven and allow to cool about 2 minutes. Make a hole in each with a straw to thread the ribbon through for hanging, then continue cooling until the cutters can be handled. Gently pull the cutters away from candy ornament.
   Thread with ribbon, and your ready to hang them on your tree.

Though in my case, I think we'll make a garland out of them, and hang them up in the window. 

(As always, green text contains a link. There are several other ideas for candy at the site that are worth checking out, so go ahead! Enjoy!)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Garden Tip

A friend shared a link to a page listing flowers that would help your vegetables thrive, naturally I checked it out. ;) 
According to the link, if you grow plants in a greenhouse, go with French Marigolds as they'll deter white-flies.
Lavender and Sedum will attract bees to your garden plots and your vegetables will be pollinated while they visit. But according to this link, the plant you should have in your garden no matter what, is the Sweet Pea, especially those with "odoratus"  in the name.
Now I love the scent of sweet pea, especially over the scent of the Magnolia and the Mimosa. I just can't stand those particular scents. So I think I'm going to get some Sweet Pea just to have around the place, as well as grabbing some of that mint from my mom's yard that's attempting to take over. :)

Monday, October 10, 2011


I know, that's a pretty common title for my post, but:

It's hard to believe that Ayla's now 20 months old. >.<
 I can't believe she'll be two years old in just four months. These past couple of years have flown by so fast. I am so grateful that she's only been sick once so far *knock on wood*. lol. Her favorite phrase is "wassat?!" (what's that?)
She loves dancing, and tries singing, and is learning so much so fast; which makes her more of a stinker, cause she knows what she's not supposed to do or mess with and still does it. I really want a TV like my parent's, where you can't hardly see the power button, just so she'll be unable to turn it off and on. She likes her baths, but hates the shower. She's trying to dress herself, more often with mommy and daddy's clothes than her own. She's doing better with the separation anxiety, and goes more willingly with Nanna now, but screams at bedtime when she can't see me. So we usually are together till she falls asleep and then I put her in her bed, where she'll sleep all night most nights. I'm not sure if I should call her my little monkey, or my little parrot, cause she climbs everything, but is also in that stage of mimicry too. So maybe a "parr-key" or "monk-rot".....no, not that second one. lol.
She's an adorable stinker, but I am so glad to have her, and wouldn't give her up for anything.

Friday, October 7, 2011

It's Cold Season Again

Got a cold, but hate the affect medicines have on you? Try some herbs that you can grow in your own garden and make into tea yourself.

Or, don't have a cold yet, but want to prevent one? Check out other herbs for cold prevention.

(Click on "herbs" for 2 different links.)

Friday, September 30, 2011

So, finally got an antibiotic from the doctor yesterday, only to have an allergic reaction to it (yay mold pills. lol). Called, and was given a new, different prescription, that isn't mold and I only have to take 6 pills over 5 days....now why couldn't we just do that before instead of 20 pills over 10 days? But then I've taken Amoxicillin before, and never reacted, though these were a high dose (875mg/pill) so that might have been beyond my tolerance of mold.
Sean goes in October for a fitness test for the job he's trying to get in St. Louis City. We're hoping everything goes in his favor, cause even though I still don't want to live in the city for 4-7 years, the upside of him only working one job will be wonderful.
Ayla's vocabulary grows daily, as done her stubbornness. Every night I have Sean brush her teeth before he leaves for work, just cause it's "good for him". I know, I'm just so mean. ;) We're really working on things, like getting her attention without yelling, though she does make it difficult at times.

Also wanted to spread the word about an online movie called 180. Go check it out and spread it around. :D

Sunday, September 25, 2011


If only I weren't sick. Mom has Ayla for the day. Sean and I haven't decided what we're doing yet, though I'd be fine with staying home and ordering food. lol. We'll see what happens as the day goes on. Got our room all cleaned yesterday, next is Ayla's room. Fun. I'm slightly out of it at the moment, my thoughts are all jumbled, so this is it for now. lol.

Friday, September 23, 2011


Got Ayla a new hat from Munckin Feet Boutique.
                        It's just ADORABLE!
On another note, had McKenzie over last night and this evening. Went pretty well. I made an easy dinner of cheesy garlic bread and pizza rolls, and we watched a Barbie movie, and then a Tinker Bell movie. I'm such a kid at heart, cause I really like those movies. lol. Jess and Mom are going to take their turns with Ayla tomorrow so I can clean (again).
Sunday is Sean and mine 1st Anniversary....It's so hard to believe that it's already been a year since our wedding. This past year has passed by so fast. Sean's most recent interview with StL City Police seems to have gone well, we're waiting on a letter in the mail that will tell us the whether or not he's been accepted. As much as I don't want to move to the city, I know that we'll all enjoy Sean working only one job and him being home more often. Ayla is so much more chatty, and moody. But that's the stage she's in.
Ayla is such an adorable stinker, but she's such a blessing and I am so glad that we have her in our lives. <3

Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day weekend 2011

First off: Happy Birthday to my Mom, my brother-in-law Bill, Mrs. Sterling, and Dan Downs, who all turn a year younger today. :p

As for our trip to Indiana, it went pretty good. We left Friday night about 630 and got in at my Aunt's apartment about 130ish (1230 here). It was Mom, Sean, Ayla, Jessica, her boyfriend Jeffery, Mitchell and I all packed into the van. We stopped about 930ish to stretch a bit. We all (minus mom, who took pics) played on the playground. Ayla loved the slides. Saturday morning after we'd gotten up, and had breakfast, we headed out to Aunt Lisa's house to meet her and Kristina. We met her eldest daughter, Mysha, later that night, and swung by Uncle Tom's work to meet him, and Mysha's boyfriend Luke. We also went by the grave site of our biological father Terry, and swung by his house to look at the stonework he'd done there. We then went to meet Uncle Jason, Aunt Angie, Kelcey and Hannah, and to have our pick of some of Terry's things. Mitch picked up a bucket of his tools and tool belt. I got his small and large sets of woodcarving tools. We drove by the houses mom had grown up in, and found the grave sites of an Aunt and infant Cousin.
Then it was to Uncle Matt's to meet him, Aunt Christy and Emma. Mysha showed up there later. We also met our Grandma Cindy. We got tons of pics and had a great time. We didn't feel awkward with them, it was liked we'd gone over for a holiday dinner or something.
That night it was back to Aunt Brenda's for cake and cards. Next morning we were up, and off after breakfast. We went to the Creation Museum in Petersburg, KY. Got pics, and a book for me, and a puppy toy for Ayla. Then it was to Frankfort to have dinner with Susan and Bill. Nanna Alice gave Ayla chocolate ice cream. Sean drove home after we left there.....and we were all glad to be home and out of that cramped van. lol.
We will always wish that we could have met Terry before he'd passed, but we're all very thankful for the chance to finally meet and connect with that part of the family, and hoping that we'll get many more chances to visit with them.
And that's it for today....cause I'm behind on some homework. :( so off to do that. *sigh*.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


My impression of this English class and instructor is dropping...not sure when it'll hit rock bottom, but Mr Miller is really starting to annoy me. We went over a story (in other words, he read it aloud to the class and we did an in class analysis) and he said he'd never read that story before until he was reading it to us. That's poor preparation on his part in my opinion. Don't you think an instructor should read the story before he brings it to the class, and has an outline for the class....or atleast knows what he's goin to (or wants to say) before hand?
Parent's as Teacher's says that Ayla's doin great for her age range. Lady brought musical toys...Ayla loved playing with the triangle. I have 2 papers due (assigned to us tonight) next wednesday, and we're leaving town friday night, not back till monday (about 1am) which means i'll be crunchin down on those papers monday evening.
Taking Ayla to dentist tomorrow for the first time ever, then lunch with mom and hanging out at ECC for a bit. am tired, and Ayla's a crank, so Nite Y'all!

Monday, August 29, 2011

fun fun

Going to call a dentist office tomorrow in union to see bout getting me and Ayla in, since they have a general and pediatric in their office and take our insurance. Am so sick of constantly changing dentists, so hoping our visit goes well, or we'll be looking for another. So wish us luck with that, cause I hate going to the dentist. :(

Wednesday we're supposed to go look at a new (to us) car, since mine's getting bad. we're limiting the use of my car majorly. Sean'll have to drop me off early tomorrow at ECC before his taekwondo class so i can get to my class, mom'll be taking Ayla with her from the college, and then he'll have to pick up both of us after his class and before he goes into work. Cross your fingers that things go well with the car we're looking at, cause this one car thing is a pain. lol. tho I'm not too keen on a white vehicle, lol, oh well. Leaving Friday night to go to Indiana. Back late Sunday night. It'll be nice to meet that part of our family, but we're going to be so tired when we get back home. Specially since mom's thinking we'll be back home about 1 or 2 am monday. gah! Then Sean goes to Vegas with a couple of friends from the 12-15. that'll be fun. hoping to get family pics taken in early october. gotta love knowing a photographer who'll cut you a cheaper deal than Penney's. lol. Anywho. Gotta wake Sean up for work soon, so i'm going to go and brush the munchkins and my teeth.
Nite y'all!

Sunday, August 28, 2011


It's been a long day. Didnt get my English paper done, so will have to do that tomorrow. Blah.
Went to Church with mom today. Sean came to Mom and Dad's house for dinner.It was good, the meat was falling off the bone, then strawberries and whip cream on sponge cake. LOVED! Ayla's such a big, but adorable stinker. :p lol.

The blog mentioned in my other post is linked to it's title, but will post here, to make it easier. That one's still a work in progress, but we're getting there. Hope you enjoy it, and continue to visit.
It's located at:

That's it for tonight. Thanks to all those who take the time to come and read my ramblings. :)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Check out my other blog!

I set this new blog up today, for a group I'm affiliated with. I've done a lot in a short time. and I'm tired, so this one is going to be short and sweet. 
Just wanted to get word about it out there, so go check it out and spread the word. Thanks!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Berry nuts!

Jess and I just got done slicing up 3lbs of strawberries and put them in the dehydrator so we can have a "cleaner" snack on our road trip next weekend. :p
Got my history paper done. Will be back over to work on my english papers tomorrow, and for the PCGG meeting at 3. That'll be fun. I think mom answers more questions than I do, not that I mind. lol. I hate being in the spot light. Printed out some precious moments coloring pages for Mckenzie. Thinking I'm going to print out more before next weekend, and that can be an activity for several of us on that fun, long drive. lol. Going to Indiana to see family, and meet other family for the first time. Also going to the Creation Museum in KY, and then dinner with friends there. Can't wait! Other than that, not much else. So this is it for tonight. L8rs!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fruity! (no nuts please)

Mom got 8lb of strawberries for $6 tonight from the community co-op. So when I go over tomorrow night and Saturday to work on homework, I also get to help slice some of those strawberries, so they can be dehydrated in time for our road trip to visit family in Indiana next weekend. They'll make a great snack for Ayla. The rest of the strawberries will be frozen for use later.
I am definitely going to have to start getting stuff from the co-op.....and cooking a tad more, maybe. Since I just have to make meals for Ayla and myself for the most part, I usually can get by with quick and easy stuff, and most of which can be microwaved if it needs to be cooked. :p I need to get an electric skillet, cause the stove top in this apartment is pretty useless. :p
Sean's going to compete in Taekwondo this weekend, so I'm hoping that he has fun with that, and doesn't get too hurt. Sunday he's supposed to come to mom n dad's for lunch (dinner?) and we still gotta go car shopping sometime. I'm being kinda pushy with that, but my car is just getting worse, and I only drive it cause I have to. :( I know we agreed on a Subaru, but I might see if he'll consider something else too. Not sure what, but it's hard to find a used Subaru out here. We'll look at this one place and go from there though.
HAHA! just looked up, and Ayla's pushed the pillows off the couch (again) and sitting with them, while she has her shirt half off. She just pulled it off all the way. Goober!
Sean's home from class, and I'm still laughing at Ayla. Nite y'all!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Over analyzing

That's what I'm doing, and it's not aspects of my life.....it's fiction stories.....And this class is over analyzing all aspects of them, and it's driving me crazy. It's hard to enjoy a story, when you're sitting their questioning the narrator's "motive" for sharing that particular story....I'm mean come on! can't we just enjoy the tale for what it is without the analysis?
I am really disliking my English Comp II class, and I usually don't have a problem with writing papers for the most part....but this instructor is taking it to the limits. Gah! I guess in all reality I'm not going to enjoy all my classes, but I shouldn't be falling asleep as I'm taking notes! :p
I love reading, and I like writing.....my opinion on the topic dictates whether or not I "love" writing at that time. lol.
Now, in all honesty, if I was going to be an editor, I can see over analyzing every little detail, but I'm not...I'd get way too annoyed. Haha. This is one of those things, like college level math, that I see as pointless for me to learn, just because it's stuff I don't plan on using in my life! So I'm doing my best to keep my brain from entering "shut down mode" like it tends to do with math and such, but this instructor is not helping his cause.
....I lost my train of thought, but maybe that's for the best. Haha. Had to stop to pull a wooden fish piece away from Ayla (one of those where the fish matches it's shape in the board), cause she was eating the fish...and it's wood...not a good thing. She's tired, and it time to wake Sean for work. So this is tonight's post. Night y'all!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It's late

Back home from class. Which I loved! 1865-1945 is one of the most boring time periods to me, cause of all the political mumbo-jumbo, but Mr Parson's is goin to make this a fun class from what I saw tonight. Which is such as relief from my English Comp II class with Mr Miller. I'm actually kinda looking forward to my homework for this history class.....which is wrong! lol English class is tomorrow...oh joy.
Had my patience tested on the way home, and I failed the test......it's 50mph on Hwy O.........and this guy was doing an average of 35-40.....25 on the curves....REALLY?!?!?
*sigh* I passed him first safe (legal) chance I got. :p
Mckey got Ayla a new outfit....looks like a clown outfit from "precious moments". :p
Master Gardener meeting this Saturday. Something else to look forward too...I still think they need to get a bee-keeper involved....would be great for the plants. :p
Tha's it for tonight. Bed soon. Nite y'all!

Joys of my life

Ayla's now 18 months old. 
Fall Semester classes have started, and thinkin I'm not going to take any in the Spring. Not impressed with one of my professors so far, I meet the other tonight. 
Sean's trying for St Louis City Police, and he goes back for the next step in September, how things go with that will definitely play a huge part in my decision regarding more college courses.
Having a hard time "house-proofing the baby". Ayla knows what she's not supposed to get into and mess with, yet still does it and then gets mad when I get on to her for it. She's so ornery, though I know that that runs in the family. *^_^*
Ayla is definitely one of my greatest joys, and definitely one of my greatest daily trials. Lol. But I love her, she's great, even when being a stinker. 
I love being back in church, though I'm sorry I have to miss out on Wednesday nights for classes....
I have decided even if I do take more classes in the Spring, I am definitely not taking any more night classes! The driving at night kills my eyes, since people don't turn their brights off when riding your butt. *sigh* Lol.
I have to laugh. Ayla just stubbed her toe, and I got her to kiss it. :p She's adorable.....
That's it for now. Got things to do before I take Ayla to mom's before class tonight. 

Friday, July 8, 2011


Well, had fun camping for july 4th. how i've missed doing that. we finally got ayla to play in the ice cold water. took her a bit of time to warm up too it. Sean enjoyed it, and hit it off with my cousin Jay. Mitch n Jess didn't go for their own reasons, which was disappointing, but oh well. i'm gettin annoyed with some people who unfortunately are family, and am considering deactivating my facebook account due to it. They wanna be treated like adults, but they act so immature. I get yelled at by a "Significant other" cause i upset someone, and they can't tell me themselves. i hate seeing my family like this. i want ayla to grow up knowing all of her aunts, uncles n cousins, but not if this is the kinda influence they're going to show her. i'd like to get a part time job to lift some stress off sean, as he's now working 2 jobs, but i don't have someone to watch ayla so i can work a wider range of hours, just cause i won't let certain people into my place. but it's not like it's only that one person, i won't let bubby in either, but that means nothing to them. sometimes i feel like crying. our family is so screwed up, and they're not trying to make things better. they complain cause we don't talk to them, but they never let us know what's going on, n then we get chewed out by said "SO" cause we accidentally offended someone. i'm disappointed in my siblings.
on a brighter note, i'm supposed to bake some orange slice butterscotch cookies for miss Edith's 50th b-day party tomorrow.
i feel trapped, cause there's nothing i can do. i'm limited money-wise, n my car's starting to give out on me, so i'm afraid to drive it more then i must, but i want to get out more. sure i'll get out a bit more this fall, but that doesn't count as it's for 2 college classes, thankfully neither of which is math....which i hate. tho i don't think that history course will be much better. political based history is such a drag. i wanna get ayla piano lessons, and probably take some myself. since i know someone who can teach, and for a really cheap price, it's just having the money. sean's been taking tae-kwon-do, and is enjoying it. my father-in-law harold is doing better after his stroke. he's starting to get some movement in his left hand again, which is great, as that is his dominant, and we all thought he'd never be able to use it at all. we're all patiently waitin and hoping he continues to improve. ayla's been so much more chatty since the camping trip. she's been saying "Bay-be" a lot. it's cute. and she's dancing more n more to music. she's a stinker too, tho such a loveable one.
I think i've finished my rant for the time being. hopefully my next one will be with more happy stuff, but only time will tell.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Cant believe that Ayla is now 14 months old! She's walking, and climbin, giving kisses and hugs, sayin "hi" and "bye". But she is such a mommy's girl, throwing a fit everytime I leave for work, and althouh startin Apr 2, i'll only be workin 2days/week, i think the fits those days will be worse. She's a smart little girl, and sometimes that works against her cause she knows better. lol. other than work, not a whole lot going on. :p