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"Rejoice not against me, O mine enemy: when I fall, I shall arise; when I sit in darkness, the LORD shall be a light unto me." ~Micah 7:8 (KJV)

Friday, July 8, 2011


Well, had fun camping for july 4th. how i've missed doing that. we finally got ayla to play in the ice cold water. took her a bit of time to warm up too it. Sean enjoyed it, and hit it off with my cousin Jay. Mitch n Jess didn't go for their own reasons, which was disappointing, but oh well. i'm gettin annoyed with some people who unfortunately are family, and am considering deactivating my facebook account due to it. They wanna be treated like adults, but they act so immature. I get yelled at by a "Significant other" cause i upset someone, and they can't tell me themselves. i hate seeing my family like this. i want ayla to grow up knowing all of her aunts, uncles n cousins, but not if this is the kinda influence they're going to show her. i'd like to get a part time job to lift some stress off sean, as he's now working 2 jobs, but i don't have someone to watch ayla so i can work a wider range of hours, just cause i won't let certain people into my place. but it's not like it's only that one person, i won't let bubby in either, but that means nothing to them. sometimes i feel like crying. our family is so screwed up, and they're not trying to make things better. they complain cause we don't talk to them, but they never let us know what's going on, n then we get chewed out by said "SO" cause we accidentally offended someone. i'm disappointed in my siblings.
on a brighter note, i'm supposed to bake some orange slice butterscotch cookies for miss Edith's 50th b-day party tomorrow.
i feel trapped, cause there's nothing i can do. i'm limited money-wise, n my car's starting to give out on me, so i'm afraid to drive it more then i must, but i want to get out more. sure i'll get out a bit more this fall, but that doesn't count as it's for 2 college classes, thankfully neither of which is math....which i hate. tho i don't think that history course will be much better. political based history is such a drag. i wanna get ayla piano lessons, and probably take some myself. since i know someone who can teach, and for a really cheap price, it's just having the money. sean's been taking tae-kwon-do, and is enjoying it. my father-in-law harold is doing better after his stroke. he's starting to get some movement in his left hand again, which is great, as that is his dominant, and we all thought he'd never be able to use it at all. we're all patiently waitin and hoping he continues to improve. ayla's been so much more chatty since the camping trip. she's been saying "Bay-be" a lot. it's cute. and she's dancing more n more to music. she's a stinker too, tho such a loveable one.
I think i've finished my rant for the time being. hopefully my next one will be with more happy stuff, but only time will tell.

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