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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fruity! (no nuts please)

Mom got 8lb of strawberries for $6 tonight from the community co-op. So when I go over tomorrow night and Saturday to work on homework, I also get to help slice some of those strawberries, so they can be dehydrated in time for our road trip to visit family in Indiana next weekend. They'll make a great snack for Ayla. The rest of the strawberries will be frozen for use later.
I am definitely going to have to start getting stuff from the co-op.....and cooking a tad more, maybe. Since I just have to make meals for Ayla and myself for the most part, I usually can get by with quick and easy stuff, and most of which can be microwaved if it needs to be cooked. :p I need to get an electric skillet, cause the stove top in this apartment is pretty useless. :p
Sean's going to compete in Taekwondo this weekend, so I'm hoping that he has fun with that, and doesn't get too hurt. Sunday he's supposed to come to mom n dad's for lunch (dinner?) and we still gotta go car shopping sometime. I'm being kinda pushy with that, but my car is just getting worse, and I only drive it cause I have to. :( I know we agreed on a Subaru, but I might see if he'll consider something else too. Not sure what, but it's hard to find a used Subaru out here. We'll look at this one place and go from there though.
HAHA! just looked up, and Ayla's pushed the pillows off the couch (again) and sitting with them, while she has her shirt half off. She just pulled it off all the way. Goober!
Sean's home from class, and I'm still laughing at Ayla. Nite y'all!

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