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Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day weekend 2011

First off: Happy Birthday to my Mom, my brother-in-law Bill, Mrs. Sterling, and Dan Downs, who all turn a year younger today. :p

As for our trip to Indiana, it went pretty good. We left Friday night about 630 and got in at my Aunt's apartment about 130ish (1230 here). It was Mom, Sean, Ayla, Jessica, her boyfriend Jeffery, Mitchell and I all packed into the van. We stopped about 930ish to stretch a bit. We all (minus mom, who took pics) played on the playground. Ayla loved the slides. Saturday morning after we'd gotten up, and had breakfast, we headed out to Aunt Lisa's house to meet her and Kristina. We met her eldest daughter, Mysha, later that night, and swung by Uncle Tom's work to meet him, and Mysha's boyfriend Luke. We also went by the grave site of our biological father Terry, and swung by his house to look at the stonework he'd done there. We then went to meet Uncle Jason, Aunt Angie, Kelcey and Hannah, and to have our pick of some of Terry's things. Mitch picked up a bucket of his tools and tool belt. I got his small and large sets of woodcarving tools. We drove by the houses mom had grown up in, and found the grave sites of an Aunt and infant Cousin.
Then it was to Uncle Matt's to meet him, Aunt Christy and Emma. Mysha showed up there later. We also met our Grandma Cindy. We got tons of pics and had a great time. We didn't feel awkward with them, it was liked we'd gone over for a holiday dinner or something.
That night it was back to Aunt Brenda's for cake and cards. Next morning we were up, and off after breakfast. We went to the Creation Museum in Petersburg, KY. Got pics, and a book for me, and a puppy toy for Ayla. Then it was to Frankfort to have dinner with Susan and Bill. Nanna Alice gave Ayla chocolate ice cream. Sean drove home after we left there.....and we were all glad to be home and out of that cramped van. lol.
We will always wish that we could have met Terry before he'd passed, but we're all very thankful for the chance to finally meet and connect with that part of the family, and hoping that we'll get many more chances to visit with them.
And that's it for today....cause I'm behind on some homework. :( so off to do that. *sigh*.

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