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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


As I promised, I'm going to starting blogging about the different benefits and uses for different things. First will be lemon.
(HOWEVER!!!! I have not tried all the intriguing things I have found, so I don't know for a fact that all of these are true, and some things I will hopefully never be given a reason. If you think you may give try something for a health reason, I recommend talking to your doctor first. Links will be posted at the bottom of each blog post, so that you may go to the same sources and read for yourself. I am currently exploring the information on four websites. Thanks!)

So now, on to lemon. I decided to do lemon due to the fact that I've been flavoring a pitcher of water with lemon slices and drinking that, as for some reason straight from the tap (even through the filter) tastes a bit funny in my opinion. Now it doesn't. I've always liked learning the uses and benefits of foods and herbs before, and decided to look up lemons.
One of the first things I came across in my search results was that drinking lemon juice with olive oil can help get rid of gallstones. I wish I'd known that 2+ years ago, before I started having real trouble with mine. Oh well.
There's some speculation about lemon flavored water aiding in weight loss. I will state, that since I've begun drinking it myself, I have lost weight, and don't really exercise, however, that would be one for you to try and decide for yourself. I just like not drinking plain water.
Put lemon juice on a cotton swab and press to the inside of the nostrils to help with nosebleed, I don't get nosebleeds (thankfully) so I wouldn't know about this one. Though lemon is thought to be a blood purifier and has been used in curing influenza, colds, malaria and cholera.
Lemon is good for helping with sore throats, prevent vomiting and relieving fevers.
Now I've used lemon juice on my hair before to help lighten the color, but just read that it's good for treating dandruff and hair loss as well as giving your hair a natural shine.
One I'm definitely not too sure about, but two of the sites agree that using a drop of lemon juice with your toothpaste is great for your teeth, as well as rubbing lemon juice on toothaches to alleviate pain, and rubbing it on your gums to stop bleeding.
Also can aid in curing UTI's, kidney and other bladder disorders.

Have I spiked your interest? Well, I think post is long enough. Now for the four links.
As always, Green colored text have links hidden in them. (like below)

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