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Thursday, April 19, 2012

busy busy bee

Such a busy busy month its been!! Had my Bridal Shower last Saturday, it was a lot of funn and I'm so thankful for everyone that showed up and brought gifts. Though I keep forgetting to get Thank You cards done! Oops! ;) Brandy and Mom worked so hard to prepare and decorate and make all the food so yummy. :) I helped out, but in all honestly, it couldn't have been done without them or Dani! Now to finish getting ready for the wedding, I cant believe I'm actually getting married in a month and a few days! O.o I'm not scared, slightly nervous cuz there will be so many watching. ;) But I'm getting married to the man I've completely fallen in love with and I couldn't ask for anyone better than Jeffery. :)
On another note, Nana and Pop bought us a bed!!! Its sitting out in the garage right now! I can't wait til its all put together and in the room! But I haven't finished painting yet... :/ Been feeling a lil too under the weather to do so and slightly too busy. Then after the walls are painted and the bed is in, time to find a crib!! :) Tho I don't even know where to start looking, I hope we find something perfect!
Since my last post, we have also purchased a 1999 Cadillac Deville. :) It's big, its smooth and it's green! lol I've been driving around like a madman doing errands and taking Jeffery to work. Its so much easier now that we have a car! Tomorrow we are going to hopefully get Jeffery a new license, he just has to pass all the tests. ;)
Jeffery, Mitchell and I have also started up on GED classes again. And what is really neat is that even though its been over a year since our last class there, we all scored Higher this time than last time!! Made us feel good. Bubby (mitchell) is almost ready to take his test, but Jeffery and I will need some more time, but that is ohkay! Im struggling with math and Jeffery is struggling with reading. But I have a feeling when the time comes to take the test, we will all do rather well.
Im roughly about 28 weeks along now, give or take a few days or whatev. And my o my has my belly grown! ;) I feel my lil man moving more and more everyday! It's kind of scarey but at the same time, amazing. :) I'm glad to know that he is doing well. I go to the doctor for another check up next Wednesday, the 25th. I have to start going every 3 weeks now and shortly after it'll be every 2 weeks and before I know it every week! I can't believe how much time has gone by and how close everything is to finally happening. :)
I'm sorry it has taken me so long to post again and I'm sorry to admit it will probably be a while before I get to post next time. Just so much to do and I keep forgetting about little things like this. I'm trying to keep track and make time for everything, but apparently this is only the begining, so Im trying to get ready! lol
Well thank you for reading up on me and I will try and make my next post a little bit sooner than last. :)

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