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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Latest news (again)

Jess's wedding is drawing close, two weekends away. Hard to believe my little sis is going to be a married woman soon.
She and Baby Barthel are both doing good. She goes to the OB again today, Jeffery and Mitchell (Bubby) are going with her.
Jess was kind enough to come over yesterday to give Ayla a bath for me, since I'm sick.
I had a tooth pulled last Thursday, as it was $300 cheaper than a root canal, and we have enough medical fees to pay as is.
Sunday evening I had chills and was cold to the touch, by 9:30pm after wrapping up in a quilt and drinking some hot chamomile tea, my body temperature spiked to 103*. Joy. Went to doctor yesterday, since my temperature was fluctuating between 101 and 103. Doc says probably strep, even though test was negative, with how red my throat is, it's more than likely is. So I was given a z-pack (azithromycin), I am hoping it'll work, cause I don't care for trips to the Doc or being sick, as Ayla doesn't care if I'm sick.
Fever's down today, but still spiking towards 100* occasionally, taking ibuprofen for fever and pain. Hurts to swallow, so sticking to soft foods, really want some teriyaki chicken that I cooked though.
Ayla's cutting molars and is moody as anything. She wants to eat the food off my plate, and is mad at me cause I won't share, but I don't want her getting sick with whatever I may have. So she's currently throwing a fit, and won't touch her chicken and green beans, though she likes both foods. Can't wait for this to go away.
Other than that, not much else is going on. Going with Jess tomorrow for a finally dress fitting so it can be extended to fit over Baby Barthel.

Sorry bout the lack of posts. Things will definitely pick up again once the wedding is done and Baby Barthel is here, and I still have to work on that lavender post. I think it's nap time for Ayla. Till the next post. :)

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