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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fall is here

Looking out our patio door, the closest tree has lost all the leaves on it's top branches, while the leaves on the lower branches have finally turned orange.
We've finished one bout of illness, hoping to not have anymore. Ayla's still biting her nails. She chewed her toe nail down so far it bled. Any ideas or tips on how to deal with that? Smacking her mouth when I see her doing it. She doesn't like that, or the pain from the short nails, and yet she still does it.
Her vocabulary is growing everyday. Her current phrases are "I show you something" and "what hapted?"(what happened), "dat cose" (that was close). She's started to ask about monsters and spiders at night, though thankfully she doesn't freak out terribly and is fine once I say they're not there and not going to get her. Maybe we shouldn't have watched Monsters and Aliens? She loves Megamind though. Her other favorites are Barbie and Tinkerbell. Yes, I'm waiting for the new Tinkerbell movie to come out this month so we can get it for the set, though we seem to have lost one of the current three movies we have.
That's another thing. She's fully capable of taking DVD's out of the player and putting a new one in. She has yet to figure out the remotes (thankful for small favors?).
We went to the park yesterday. She had a blast on the slides. We had the entire playground to ourselves, so glad she's capable of entertaining herself. Followed a walking trail up and around, found a picnic area. Ate lunch there, and let Ayla play with the leaves and dirt before I walked home. She got to ride in the stroller. Thankfully the walk home was down hill till we got to the subdivision. Really need to get out more with her, just wish our weather would decide what it's going to do. But that's Missouri for you.
Got my wood-burning tool, and started figuring that out. It's actually pretty interesting, though I prefer the one tip over any of the others. Mostly due to the fact that it moves easier on the wood. Decided that since we do "secret sisters" at church, and reveal and draw new every 6 months, that I would give my secret sister an item that's been pyrographed for her reveal gift this December. I've already got it planned out, at least for the most part. Hopefully the printer at my parent's place will cooperate and I can print out the needed design. Otherwise I have to install my chosen font on mom's computer, and I'd rather not do that to her.
Ayla's still entirely a mommy's girl, especially just after waking up. She is trying to spend more time with Sean. Her bed time is still sometime between 10 and 10:30 pm as Sean is still on nights. Last week he worked days, so that was interesting.
Found a website with resources for teaching left-handed kids how to form their letters. Can't wait to be able to order stuff for Ayla, who is definitely a lefty with some ambidexterity.
She's doing great with potty training, only a few accidents anymore. So great, as we're not buying as many pull-ups  She's only in those at night now.
Going next Friday to get pictures taken by our friend Wendy over at LOL Photography. It'll be family pictures of Sean, Ayla and myself, as well as a few of Ayla and Sanatra together. We'll definitely be sharing those with you all.
Not going to the Halloween lock-in at the college nearby that's being hosted by the club Sean and I were members of when we attended (guess we're more like alumni currently?) as it's the same night as the pictures. Not only that, we don't really do Halloween, so it's not a real heart breaker for me, or Ayla since she's not done anything Halloween-ish before.
Other than that, can't think of much else. Thanks for swinging by, and I'll get after Jessa to post an update on her end soon.

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