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"Rejoice not against me, O mine enemy: when I fall, I shall arise; when I sit in darkness, the LORD shall be a light unto me." ~Micah 7:8 (KJV)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas is just about here.

Almost Christmas here. Planning on getting a few last gifts for people this Friday. Hoping Sean won't have to work that night, because if he doesn't we're going to go see the Hobbit. Can't wait to see it. I already want the soundtrack, and that's just from watching the trailers.
Been watching Doctor Who lately. Just started finished the 10th doctor, and on to the 11th. I'm torn between which I like most, the 9th or 10th, and not sure what I think about the 11th yet.
My results from the sleep study were normal, although they did say it does take me quite a while to fall asleep...which I already knew, and don't like. Follow up with my doctor about it is going to have to be put on hold, as well as that dental work I need done. Sean's gotten into academy here, and that's going to cost quite a bit, though it'll be well worth it, but between the fees for that and the dermatology appointment that I have in January, and whatever tests will be done at that time, we can't quite afford to follow up with the sleep study.
I'm pretty sure Ayla's growing again. Going to have to make naps a must each afternoon for a while. Sanatra's getting so big, and still such a chunker. He managed to scratch Jessa's eye today, so she's not been online much. Hoping that recovers quickly....although she managed to fall down the stairs today, as a result of her eye hurting. She winced from pain, closed her eyes, and didn't stop moving, thankfully it was only a few stairs, but now she may need a doctor visit for both her eye and her foot that was injured in the fall.

Ayla's got several songs she sings or hums a lot lately. These are the ones I can think of...I had counted six earlier, but now I'm drawing a blank.
1) The Itsy Bitsy Spider
2) Ode to Joy (Beaker style from the Muppets)
3) When He Cometh (aka Jewels)
4) Mahna Mahna 
5) Jingle Bells

Ayla's learning to peel a boiled egg, she's able to do it after I get it started. Lately she's been asking "why you say no (insert object or end sentence)?" She's figuring out the concept of friends versus sisters, thanks to some help from the new Tinker Bell movie. 
I really need to get her piano lessons. She was standing with Mom, our friend Paula and I as we were practicing the song we're going to be singing next Wednesday night at church, and had her foot tapping right along with ours keeping time. She's learning so fast, it's still scary at times. 
Still dealing with the biting of her toe and finger nails, not sure how to curb that habit, but am always open to ideas. She is doing awesome with the potty training, though we've had a few accidents, she's been sleeping most nights in panties instead of a pullup and waking up dry. She's been pretty clingy lately when I take her to the church nursery, even though she'll talk up to that point about needing to play with her friend Bella. Hoping that stage passes quickly too. 
Other than that, not much else is going on. I hope we'll get to see the Hobbit this weekend, and looking forward to spending time with family. Jessica's birthday is tomorrow...I guess that means she and Bubby both need two gifts. December birthdays....sigh. Sean's in that category too, so guess I'll have to figure that out soon. Jessa's going to be 22, Bubby's going to be 21, Sean's going to be 28, then Ayla's 3 in January, and I'm getting closer to 24. I still find that hard to believe. Doesn't feel like we're that age already...can't believe my brother is going to be 21. Time's just flying by. That's it for now. We'll post again come January, cause we don't buy into the 12.21.12 end of the world time stamp, so have a great December 22nd, and a very Merry Christmas (or whichever Holiday you celebrate)!!!


  1. She also sings Deep and Wide, there's a mountain flowing deep and wide! lol

    1. That's wasn't the one I was thinking of at the time..but you're right, she does. Lol. She was singing Jingle Bells over and over again on the way home with the von's.