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"Rejoice not against me, O mine enemy: when I fall, I shall arise; when I sit in darkness, the LORD shall be a light unto me." ~Micah 7:8 (KJV)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

January is half over

January's half over. Ayla's 3rd birthday is next Sunday. I still can't believe it. We're taking her to Incredible Pizza tomorrow for an unofficial birthday party. Mom's holding on to her presents till the 27th, since we'll be seeing her that day anyway. Just the immediate family is going tomorrow. Dinner with Sean's mom, dad, sister and niece the week after. Already working on getting her cake done from Sweet Designs by Mandi for that dinner. No cake tomorrow, and not sure if we'll do any on the 27th. Haven't decided....guess I should.
Dealing with Ayla having accidents in her panties, though I'm not sure they really qualify as accidents, since she does know better. We're working on it....If you ask her why she peed in her panties, you get 'because' as a response. Sigh.
Just updated the Pacific Community Garden Group blog with new guidelines, application and pictures from the past two years. Go check them out. I know we have quite a few non-local readers, but no reason you can't look at the pictures. We'd be thrilled if more local readers joined the PCGG group. You can find a link on the right sidebar, with the picture that says "City of Pacific Community Gardens". You'll also find a link to the Facebook page for Joys and Trials on the left sidebar at the top. Come like us there to keep track of new updates.
Sanatra's getting so big! 6 months old, and loves rocking to music! We'll get him dancing and grooving in know time. He's starting to get the hang of crawling, but still learning.
Finally getting to read "A Memory of Light" in the Wheel of Time series....took long enough. It's been long enough though, I think I need to get all the books and reread them. Same with the books by Christopher Paolini. Haven't even read the last book yet, even though we own it, because it's been so long.
Been having to give Ayla ibuprofen occasionally lately. Seems to be the only thing that puts her in a better mood. She's not teething, as she has all her baby teeth, and it's not time for adult teeth to start knocking those out of the way.
Academy is going well for Sean. I really need to get in to the dentist for this one tooth, because I think it's breaking further....and part of the break is going up under the gums. However with the fees for academy, we can't quite afford to deal with it at this moment. So hope that Sean gets financial aid, that'll make it a lot easier to get this tooth (and other teeth) dealt with.
Dermatology appointment next month, and follow up with eye specialist in April. Can't wait for either. The first, because my scalp is driving me nuts, and the second, because the double vision is back, but we can't afford to buy new lenses again, and insurance won't pay for them until April. Time needs to pass a little quicker, but at the same time, I don't want it to, because that means I'll get another year older that much quicker.

Can't think of anything else. Hope you'll come find us on Facebook. Have a great week. Till next post.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hello 2013!!

So we're already into 2013. That's going to be fun to remember to write, instead of 2012, especially considering that this past Sunday I wrote 2011 in the date. Whoops!
Got all the holiday decorations and the tree put away. It didn't take long, as I don't have much of that, thankfully. Ayla's birthday is at the end of the month, which is hard to believe. She's almost 3!! Not sure about a birthday party for her....which will be a switch considering we did one for her previous birthdays. Sean's started Academy, and that's every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday; so I can't really do a birthday party for her and expect him to make it on a Saturday. We'll see what happens.
Academy is 9 months long, and it started today. Not a whole lot else has really been going on. Aside from trying to readjust to days that aren't vacation days (not that I get those sorts of days).
Ayla's standing by the trashcan at the moment peeling a boiled egg. She likes boiled eggs, and insists on peeling them herself.
Jessa and I had the 28th of December with no kids. Mom watched Ayla and Sanatra while we went and had Chinese for lunch here in town, then went to the next town and got our eyebrows waxed, and then went and bought clothes for me. Was a good day for both of us, though we both agreed it was just weird not having a kid to keep track of while shopping.
We finally got some snow that stuck around for more than a few hours. We got a few inches that's still sticking around, but starting to disappear. Was thinking about all the times we'd go sledding in the back yard as kids and our sled marks would just barely dodge the trees. Those were some fun days.
I hate this cold weather, I don't handle it well.....but then I don't handle the heat well either. Sean is always amused when I'm shivering in the cold. Lost my gloves sometime over the past year, but haven't bought more as I know I'll lose them again. *sigh*
Singing on the 26th of December went really well. We definitely like this new song.
We didn't buy Ayla anything for Christmas from us. She's got so much stuff, she doesn't need more, and she'll be getting more in a few weeks. Sean and I are holding off on getting presents for each other till after tax time, as the fees for Academy are first priority, but that's alright.
So yeah, not much else going on. I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years, especially our family in other countries.