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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hello 2013!!

So we're already into 2013. That's going to be fun to remember to write, instead of 2012, especially considering that this past Sunday I wrote 2011 in the date. Whoops!
Got all the holiday decorations and the tree put away. It didn't take long, as I don't have much of that, thankfully. Ayla's birthday is at the end of the month, which is hard to believe. She's almost 3!! Not sure about a birthday party for her....which will be a switch considering we did one for her previous birthdays. Sean's started Academy, and that's every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday; so I can't really do a birthday party for her and expect him to make it on a Saturday. We'll see what happens.
Academy is 9 months long, and it started today. Not a whole lot else has really been going on. Aside from trying to readjust to days that aren't vacation days (not that I get those sorts of days).
Ayla's standing by the trashcan at the moment peeling a boiled egg. She likes boiled eggs, and insists on peeling them herself.
Jessa and I had the 28th of December with no kids. Mom watched Ayla and Sanatra while we went and had Chinese for lunch here in town, then went to the next town and got our eyebrows waxed, and then went and bought clothes for me. Was a good day for both of us, though we both agreed it was just weird not having a kid to keep track of while shopping.
We finally got some snow that stuck around for more than a few hours. We got a few inches that's still sticking around, but starting to disappear. Was thinking about all the times we'd go sledding in the back yard as kids and our sled marks would just barely dodge the trees. Those were some fun days.
I hate this cold weather, I don't handle it well.....but then I don't handle the heat well either. Sean is always amused when I'm shivering in the cold. Lost my gloves sometime over the past year, but haven't bought more as I know I'll lose them again. *sigh*
Singing on the 26th of December went really well. We definitely like this new song.
We didn't buy Ayla anything for Christmas from us. She's got so much stuff, she doesn't need more, and she'll be getting more in a few weeks. Sean and I are holding off on getting presents for each other till after tax time, as the fees for Academy are first priority, but that's alright.
So yeah, not much else going on. I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years, especially our family in other countries.

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