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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Jessa's sick now!

Just got back not too long ago from taking Jessa to the doctor. She's got the flu, and is on Tamiflu.
Praying Sanatra and Jeffery don't catch it as well. Stinks as well, that she just started a job at a local Dollar General store this past Sunday and was supposed to work tomorrow, but doctor said not for a few days. Her new boss wasn't entirely thrilled about that.
Got on here to change Jessa's description since she's no longer SAHM, and figured I'd give an update. She likes her job so far. She's been lucky this week, Jeffery's been off on the days she's had to work except one, and Pop and Nonna (Jeffery's grandparents) watched Sanatra. I'll get to babysit the days they both have to work.

Posted last time how Sanatra's pulling himself up. He's using furniture to cruise around when he doesn't want to crawl.

He got his bottom two teeth in, and is still teething. He loves music. He'll rock back and forth when it comes on and stop and look around when it stops playing. 

Ayla's vocabulary is growing everyday, and her new favorite food is waffles. I'm almost out of syrup because I've made them so many times, and the good syrup is expensive unless I get it from SamsClub, and we just did that last weekend. Asked her today what she wanted to eat while we were out, and she asked for broccoli. Luckily for her, Jessa was nice and bought her some. 
Every time I go to cook, Ayla says she wants to cook too, so I give her some plastic containers and measuring spoons and let her pretend. She did help me rinse the dishes when I washed them last. She's growing so fast!! She's very opinionated, and spoiled, so we're dealing with that. I've had to be mean in dealing with it. Several times she's gotten mad and me and gone to her room by herself.  She's learning so fast!!

Sean's doing Academy still, and looks like he'll be working at Six Flags again, when that starts up. 

Other than that, not much else. The snow from last weekend is still lingering, and flurries keep appearing. I wish it would stop snowing. Can't wait for Spring. Course, when that gets here, we'll gripe about the mosquitoes. Hope you all have a great weekend, and if it's snowing where you're at, I hope you all have safe travel and warm lodgings.

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