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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentine's and sick. Ugh.

Valentine's day just passed. Both Sean and Ayla are sick with the flu. They're both on Tamiflu twice a day. I'm on it once a day for double the time as a preventative. Ayla's not handling it well, she's very moody and clingy. It started with a fever spike Tuesday and just got worse. Took her to the doctor Thursday after her fever refused to break. She got up to almost 105, but according to the doctor's office, anything less than 102 isn't considered a fever. Ayla's like her daddy and runs an average temp of 99.6, so she's always a bit warmer than me. She's my portable heater.
Ayla's been doing real great with going to the bathroom by herself, even being sick and miserable. Haven't had any accidents, and lately I've not had to ask if she needs to go. Although if she does seem to be taking a little too long, then I go check on her. Usually she's not doing anything bad, but she does like to take toilet paper and swirl the end of it in the toilet bowl and watch it get wet. We also had to get on to her for going into the bathroom to flush the toilet two or three times just because.

Sanatra's getting so big. He's pulling himself up and trying to take those first steps....and he just learned to crawl. He's going to be running in no time. Trying to get Jessa to share, but she keeps distracted, and says at this rate, with all she wants to share, it'll be a book. Thinking best chance may be around his first birthday and just have her do a summary of the year.

With Ayla being sick, I've been getting to read a bit more. She's been laying in my lap and I read as she watches a show or movie. I like my couch, but I miss how deep the other couch was. It was much easier to share a cushion with Ayla.

Academy's been going well for Sean and Jason. Sean's seems to be enjoying it, and learning a lot.

No church for Ayla or I until she's over this flu. Don't want to share it with any of the other little kids.
Other than that, not much else is going on. Hope everyone has a great weekend and no one else gets sick.

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