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Monday, April 8, 2013

Cuteness overload

He's just so cute, and so much fun!! I love his smile and laugh!!

Sanatra came and spent a few hours with Ayla and I while Jessica's back to work at Walmart. (She quit Dollar General, and good for her.) Jeffery was at GED classes. I had a blast with Sanatra...He's just so HAPPY!!

Ayla loves having Sanatra over.....
Until I say:
"Get her, Sanatra!!" 
Lol...That's a good way to get Ayla to freak out. So much fun, especially when Sanatra starts heading towards her. Sanatra's eating cheerios. Well, fruit loops when he's here, and let him try cheez-its too. He liked those as well. Went to the zoo this past Saturday. That was crazy, so many people!! 
Ayla was more thrilled and comfortable looking at all the snakes, gators, frogs and such than she was with the big cats and the giraffes. She eventually warmed up to them.

Ayla: "It's a crocodile!"
(it's an alligator)

 "It's a big 'nake'...he's sleeping!"

Just the other day she noticed that Daddy had "disappeared"....he'd just gone to class, but I was thoroughly surprised she could say "disappeared" so well.

That's about it for now.
Have a great week!

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