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"Rejoice not against me, O mine enemy: when I fall, I shall arise; when I sit in darkness, the LORD shall be a light unto me." ~Micah 7:8 (KJV)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Spring is finally here!

Sanatra is doing much better since his bout with croup, something we're all greatly relieved about.
I spent a few hours today cleaning. The only way I can really get to what needs cleaned the most is to have Sean and Ayla both out of the apartment, so Sean took Ayla to see Grandma Dawn and Pawpaw H. I had about 2 hours to clean, and managed to completely clean our bedroom, Ayla's room, the bathroom minus the tub (I needed to get a cleaner for soap scum) and the utility room. Made my head hurt terribly, but I wasn't stopping till they came back from his parent's place. When they got back, Ayla took a nap, not happily, but much needed.
Went to China King to have bourbon chicken for dinner, because the other Chinese food restaurant that does deliver, doesn't make bourbon, so I had to drive across town. Which actually worked well, cause Ayla's been wanting pancakes, but the milk was out, so I got that and a scum cleaner for the tub.
Ayla's vocabulary is growing so much. Lately she's taken to saying "affer you", "dis is tewible", "it not my fault", it was an aciden". We've still got to work on some of her pronunciations. It's almost May here, and our weather still can't make up it's mind. It wasn't too bad today, I opened the windows and patio door while I cleaned.
Took Ayla to get a hair cut on Monday, Sean doesn't care for it, cause it makes her "look like Mckey", but I'm the one who sees it most often and has to clean it...I like it.
She was so upset when I made her leave to go have lunch with Nanna, because the ducks at our friend Chrissy's place hadn't come up to the house yet.

Sanatra has 4 teeth in, and getting another. He's taken to biting occasionally, but Jessa says he refuses teething rings. She caught him in a can of Pringles the other day.
He doesn't seem to care too much for baby food, instead wanting what everyone else is having. Not that I can blame him. Ayla doesn't like baby food anymore either. She dipped a finger into his carrots and did not like the flavor.

Sean and I switched our phone service and got new phones. So much cheaper than what we were paying, but such a pain in some ways to get set up. At least it won't happen again for a few years.

Saw the eye specialist for a follow up. My vision has stayed the same since 7 months ago, so I'm getting prescription lenses put in my sunglasses. He said in a few years, I may need corrective surgery, but the glasses are the best option for now, especially since I can't do contact lenses.

Go next Wednesday to talk to the neurologist about these headaches. Hopefully we can figure it out.

Ayla's potty trained, but we've had to deal with numerous accidents lately, to the point that I'm getting exasperated and frustrated. I pulled the mat out of my bathroom and laid down towels instead, cause I'm tired of washing the mat, putting it back and not even an hour later it needs washed again due to another accident.

Have had some difficulties with the PCGG blog, and people not being able to see it. I changed the layout and background, hoping it was just a glitch with that particular template. If you have any problems seeing it, please let us know.

Can't wait for bed time. Hoping the weather is nice tomorrow. Hope you all have a great night and weekend.

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