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"Rejoice not against me, O mine enemy: when I fall, I shall arise; when I sit in darkness, the LORD shall be a light unto me." ~Micah 7:8 (KJV)

Friday, May 24, 2013

Ayla's new toy

Ayla and I went to a garage sale just down the street. Took $8 with me, Ayla's easter money plus a dollar from me. Found a child bike for that same amount. How awesome is that? She's thrilled with her new "big bike", and I didn't have to spend $50 for something she's going to outgrow. She's going to need some practice in pedaling, but she's smart and will get it in no time.
Also got her a new outfit and swimsuit for $15 total at Walmart, and they're patriotic themed. Now I just have to take her swimming....not my favorite thing to do at all. Nap time for her, then playing more later.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Fun month

Went with Melissa and Evan from church to the zoo. Ayla had a blast. I had problems with medicines, so I'm done taking those and looking at other things. Ayla loves the reptile house at the zoo. We had an ER trip one Sunday night after church. Ayla had a sprained wrist, but was fine that Wednesday. We just went yesterday with Melissa and Evan to the Saint Louis Science Center. Ayla had a blast there too. She was so excited about seeing dinosaurs, though was unhappy that none were purple. Purple seems to be her new favorite color, which she doesn't have much of clothes wise. She was a bit scared of the animatronic T-rex. She was fine with it once she knew it wasn't real and couldn't get her. Its been nice in terms of weather, when its not storming. Prayers for those in Oklahoma and other places tornadoes have damaged.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Pretty good weekend.

It's May now. Saw the neurologist Wednesday, and was put on two pain medicines that I picked up Friday. Took one of them Friday, and did fine. Grandma Pat, Aunt Beth, Aunt Brenda, and Aunt Lela came to town from Oklahoma and Indiana for the Mother/Daughter/Friend Banquet that the church had Friday night for Mother's Day. It was great to see them. Sanatra spent the night with Ayla and I Friday night, and then we went back to Mom and Dad's Saturday to spend the day with family.
Sanatra, Saturday morning, before we left.

Took both medications Saturday, and had an allergic reaction, so I spent most the day on benadryl.
Uncle Ronnie stopped in for a bit to see everyone, and they all ate cake.

 Aunt Brenda, Aunt Lela, Uncle Ronnie, Grandma Pat, Aunt Beth, and Mom.

Sean and I had a couple decks of cards that we'd gotten as a gift that'd never been played with yet,
but they got quite a bit of use this past weekend. Mostly in Euchre.
Uncle Ronnie, Grandma, Aunt Lela, and Aunt Beth playing Euchre in the living room.

It's been raining all weekend. Couldn't go into the kitchen downstairs without shoes on or barefoot because of all the water on the carpet that got into the basement.
Grandma wanted pictures of the lake. Gray and dreary, but a great weekend all considered.

Everyone relaxing watching "Brave" together.

They all went home this morning. 
Since I thought the reaction was to the one medicine, I wound up taking the first medicine again today. That's definitely what I'm allergic to. Not sure if I'm allergic to the second medicine. Not sure I want to find out. It's been another benadryl day for me today. Going to call the neurologist in the morning to find out what we're going to switch to, and get in to see the chiropractor as well. Zoo trip Tuesday with Ayla and Melissa from church. Hoping for a great week for us and you all.