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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

Lots of rain coming through our part of the States lately, storm pressure is messing with me, but I've not had to water my potted plants yet, due to the rain.
Bought Ayla a helmet for her new bike, she's glad to have it, but not thrilled that it's a pink Barbie helmet and not purple. Unfortunately, they didn't have a purple one in her size, or I gladly would have gotten that. 
Not feeling great today, so we stayed home. Nap didn't help much, especially when Ayla woke from her nap, and whined continuously. Gave her ibuprofen and allergy medicine and that seems to have helped a bit. Forgot to give her the allergy medicine last night, which means I forgot to take my own. 
Been posting facts about a plant once a day on the GAGGA Facebook page. I've learned quite a few new things doing that, which has been enjoyable. 
Been trying to come up with plans for Arnold's Garden in Pacific....not easy when you don't have that sort of expertise. Thankfully we're not on much of a time frame, and there are some things I want to get dealt with first.
Got to visit with Sean's parent's yesterday for Harold's birthday and Father's Day. I am thrilled that he's doing great. He's managing to move his left foot, and that's a huge blessing. Ayla was thrilled to see them as well, and loved when Sean set of a few fireworks before last night's storm moved in. 
Ayla's vocabulary is growing again, and she's taken to mimicking lines she hears from movies or her TV shows. She'll say something one way, that she's been taught the proper way to say, and she'll repeat the phrase till she gets it out, and then tells herself "yes, very good".  She's completely potty trained, and only the rare accident when she get busy playing. 
Got to go last week with a few ladies from church and have a girls day without Ayla along. It was great. Thrift store, tea house for lunch and then one more store before dropping two of them off and getting Ayla in time for a nap. Ayla got a spider bite sometime that day, but it's doing good. Triple antibiotic helped a lot with that, thankfully. 
Jessa's still behind in posting, but she's got a couple 40 hour week schedules, so I don't really blame her. Sanatra's walking quite well now, and one of my favorite things is getting him to chase Ayla around the living room. Going to purge Ayla's toys except for her puppies, baby doll and bunny...Maybe one or two other keepers, but not likely...she has too much stuff, and doesn't play with most of it. She's grown again, and slightly chunky. Already into a size 5 in little girls, so it's time to purge her clothes again. That's on my list for the week. 
Not much else going on. Hope you have a great week, and stay safe if the weather gets nasty out your way. 

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