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"Rejoice not against me, O mine enemy: when I fall, I shall arise; when I sit in darkness, the LORD shall be a light unto me." ~Micah 7:8 (KJV)

Friday, October 3, 2014

Time for Fall.

October's here, which means Fright Fest starts tonight at Six Flags. Five more weekends in the season, then we're done. Temperatures are dropping,which is going to be fun, since I've gone from a black tag team member to a red tag lead, and switched to the closing shift. Fright Fest, we're open till midnight, which means I'll get back to mom and dad's to crash about 2:30 am, earlier if I'm lucky.....

Had some sinus drainage, and some pressure building up in my chest. I went to the doctor, and he says it's "allergic bronchitis", or essentially asthma caused by allergies. I get to use a diskus inhaler twice a day until the first freeze of winter, and have an emergency inhaler for other times. Colder temperatures have always been my main trigger for asthma, so work is going to be fun.

Many of the trees are still clinging to their green leaves, usually by now, they've started to turn, but it was pretty late this spring before we actually had leaves on the trees, so that's okay. Got a pretty nice picture at Mom's house last Sunday.

Sean, Ayla and I went with friends to the zoo a few days ago. Had a pretty good time, but didn't get to do everything we wanted, so we'll have to go back soon.

Other than that not much else going on. I babysit throughout the week, work on the weekends, and keep up with everything else as much as possible between the two.

I hope you have a great and safe weekend.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Post-surgery update

I had my one week follow up last night. Doctor said my eyes are looking good. I've not noticed any double vision lately, unless I'm really tired, but that's not surprising. I started a new Rx eye drop that I'll use for the next three weeks. I go back December 17 for another follow up. My eyes still tire pretty quick, and still some blurriness, but that's due to the gunk that builds up in my eyes. Naps are still awesome, when I can get them.
Momma's back to work, and Jessa's busy with her guys and work. I have about 8-9 more weekends at the park before it's closed till next season. I'm planning on going back next season at this point unless something happens to change that.
I hope y'all have a good week, and an even better weekend.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Pre-surgery update

Strabismus surgery is tomorrow (August 26) at noon. Going to dinner and a movie tonight with Sean. Ayla's spending the night with Mom and Dad, and we'll pick her up after. I can't eat anything after midnight, until after surgery.. Can't have my morning coffee either... That's the first thing we're going for after surgery, before we get Ayla, food and coffee. Have to take it easy tomorrow and Wednesday, and a week of antibiotic drops with a follow-up next week. I'll be at work this weekend with my new glasses.
That's it for now.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

August update

It's been a little over a month at Six Flags now. It's going pretty well. We go down to weekends only for the next few months as of this week, since the fall semester starts this week. It's going to be weird, I was just getting used to going to work every day, and now it's just weekends. I had an interview at another place, but mom's going for one in a few days, and depending on her schedule, I may just do Six Flags seasonally, and help keep an eye on Mckey and Ayla's homeschooling. Sean's applied for a weekend shift at work, so that'll change a lot too, and that's supposed to switch next weekend.
Mom took Ayla and Mckey to Johnson's Shut-ins and Elephant Rock on a day I worked a double. Ayla had a blast.
Ayla was actually trying to push the rock.

Ayla cut some of her hair last month, so she got a hair cut, and I got mine cut last minute. Six inches gone from my hair.

McKey and I got to play in the park with Aunt Lela and Uncle Darren this past weekend, since they were in town.
 McKey and Uncle Darren on the Superman.

Aunt Lela and Mckey posing with funnel cakes.

Bought myself a new mug from the park, cause I love coffee, and Batman is awesome. 
Got a few other things for Sanatra, Ayla, Mckey and a friend (couldn't resist the last, though she hasn't seen it yet). Dad got a large chocolate turtle, called a "murtle".
Look at the size of that.
Had a good time with them.

I got my new glasses ordered, should be in this week. Surgery is now two weeks away, August 26th. The thought of surgery makes me a bit anxious, but I will be so glad to be done with this double vision.

Other than waiting for surgery, and waiting to see how job interviews and such go, not much else is going on in the meantime. Going to be spending most of the week relaxing and cleaning. Did some cleaning this morning, and am now relaxing a bit. 
Time to think about what to make for lunch, and catch up on the latest episode of Running Man.
Hope y'all have a good week, and to those going back to school, good luck.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Happy July!

Summer has begun, and today is the first day of July. We've had a lot and not much happening since the last post. In that time, Mom, Ayla, Mckey and I went to Indiana about a week after Mom and Grandma got back from there. We went up for a few days, and then Ayla and I got to drive back to Missouri all by ourselves. We both did pretty well, considering driving that far alone was a first for me, and Ayla did well in handling the trip. She wasn't terribly moody or whiny, and only two stops. I was more than pleased.

I've just started a seasonal part time job at Six Flags St. Louis in the Park Services department. Tomorrow will be the first day of actual on the job training, past two times there have been classroom type training. I've had a stress headache since earlier, and I know it's related to going back to work...why must it be so stressful?!? Actually, I blame it on inflation....If prices weren't getting so ridiculously high on things, I'd still be able to be a SAHM, and we'd not have to worry about finances so much....Oh, well. I applied to another place that's full time, and they told me today when I called that they should let me know before the 4th...so by Thursday. Pray for a yes, 'cause that'd be AWESOME!

Today is day 2 of Ayla being gone for 6 days. She's gone with Mom, Mckey, Aunt Beth and Uncle Clint to Kidder, MO to learn about Mittleider Gardening methods. It's the first time Ayla's been away from us for more than a night or two...and it's weird. The apartment is so quiet, cause she's gone and Sean sleeps most the day, being on the 3rd shift. I know it's good for all of us, but I miss my Ayla Bugg! They'll be back Saturday, but I work till almost 10pm that night, so we're both going to be tired. Good thing it's a holiday weekend, so Sean shouldn't be working, but even if he does, we live close enough he can walk to work. 

I've been watching more Asian (South Korean to be exact) shows lately, and everyone thinks I'm weird..It's 
Mom and Dad's fault that subtitles don't bother me.... I watched a movie yesterday that I don't want to watch again...It was a good movie, but I hated the ending, and I would hate it every time I watch it after. 

Jessa, Jeffery and Bubby all moved into their own place, closer to me, but further from mom. Jeffery is working at the same place as Bubby now, and Sanatra's jabbering some. He's not sure what to call me yet....He called me Bubby the one day, and I said no...we're going to have to work on that....everyone else has a name.

I go in two weeks for an eye evaluation to determine IF and WHEN we may do surgery to  correct my double vision, since the prism in my lenses are no longer strong enough to correct it. It's a surgery I'm not thrilled about because of what'd be done to correct it, but at the same time, I'd be zonked out for it, so I'm okay with doing the surgery too. LASIK....not so much...I don't wanna see stuff coming at me. Sean's pushed his consultation for that off, but we just recently switched insurances since the company he works for got bought out by another, so that was a fun process (not). 

For you locals, my double vision doesn't disrupt my driving....There are days when it's worse than others....and I don't drive if I'm not comfortable driving....It's just been causing a lot more headaches and eye strain. So don't worry about me driving. Well, hopefully most days it won't be too bad....Since I'm going to have to drive myself to work.

Other than that, not much else is going on aside from Sanatra's birthday this weekend. Looking forward to that, though not so much to the fireworks. 
I hope y'all have a great week. For those in the States, have a wonderful and safe Fourth of July, to those not in the states, have a great weekend. 

Monday, April 28, 2014

It's spring.

Since I had the three crowns put in, I've had nerve pain in that side of my jaw every day. I have been taking ibuprofen for that, so I didn't realize that I was running a fever, due to whatever is irritating my throat, for a while. I called the doctor's office, since I'd gone in last Tuesday, and they called in an antibiotic for me
I had my yearly follow up with the ophthalmologist last Monday. My glasses are no longer correcting my strabismus, and there is no way to increase the prism in my lenses, so even though my prescription has changed a bit, he doesn't want me getting new lenses for the time being. Instead, I get to go see a specialist for an evaluation in July. Surprisingly, it will be with the same specialist who performed surgery on Bubby when he was two years old for his crossed eyes. This doctor gets to evaluate and decide what to do next, whether it's surgery, or try some other means of correcting my double vision.

Sean goes Wednesday to get his eyes dilated at the doctor, and Ayla gets to go Thursday for a filling at the dentist. Thankfully, Ayla hasn't had any bad experiences with the dentist or other doctors, so she's always excited to go to the doctor. She actually gets mad when I tell her it's mine turn to see a doctor, not hers.

Momma's gone with Grandma, who drove up from Oklahoma, to visit with family in Indiana.
I get to go over for a few days and keep an eye on McKey and grade her school work until Dad gets home in the evenings.
Grandma Pat, Aunt Lela, Momma, and Aunt Brenda

We had a tornado watch this morning, that was supposed to last till 7pm, but looking at the weather sites, it looks like that's removed. Hard to believe there was rain and hail earlier today, it's gorgeous outside now. The trees are finally starting to catch up with the fact that spring is here. 
Still waiting for more green leaves, but it's greener than it was a week ago. 

Soon, this mom won't be a stay at home mom anymore. I am currently in the processing of looking for a part time job. Waiting to hear back, and then moving on from there. Not exactly what I want to do, but it is a necessity currently.  Been enjoying getting out to walk when we can. We wwent last Friday with Ayla, Dani and her dogs.
I wasn't quite sure if Ayla was walking the dogs, or if they were walking her. Ayla had a blast, and we walked further than we did the first two times. 

Ayla and Dani even ran a little, racing to the next bench. Both dogs are well behaved (the black one tends to push her luck a bit) and for the most part, got to walk without their leashes on. Dani is definitely training any dogs we get. 

We had taken Ayla's bike along, but she didn't want to ride it when we started out....She asked when we were almost back to the car. I told we'd try again next time. I think I need to get her a new bike helmet, almost pulled the strap through trying to loosen it enough to buckle under her chin. 

Hope the weather's amazing where you are, and if it's not, I pray you stay safe.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Great Weekend

This past Thursday, I went to the dentist. They wound up doing three crowns, which although my two and half hour appointment became four hours long, they were able to make the crowns there in the office, so not having to go back to get the permanents put in was nice, but those four hours were long. Thankfully, I had an awesome babysitter that day (Nanna's are great for that). It's kind of weird not feeling those broken teeth there anymore. 
Ayla and I went for a mile walk yesterday, and she was upset she didn't get to walk farther, till we were almost back to the car, and her legs were starting to hurt.
Ayla and I went to the Farmer's Market in the next town over this morning. She was thrilled with the apron we found and bought for her. She was more than willing to help with dishes tonight, and I'm hoping wearing that during cleaning time will help her be more agreeable about that too.... It's worth a shot.
It's big enough that it should last a few years, depending on how rough she is on it.
We went and got ice cream after dinner too. She was rather spoiled today.
Tomorrow's Easter, though Ayla doesn't seem to aware of it, which is okay in some ways, because she's not pestering me about candy. Jessa says Sanatra seems to be getting sick. Hopefully not, as there's an Easter Egg hunt at church in the morning, and Momma's doing something for Ayla and Sanatra tomorrow at her house too. 
Monday I get to go for my yearly follow up with the ophthalmologist. Planning on getting new glasses ordered Tuesday. Same pair for three years now, I'm excited about new ones. 
The weather has been great here the past few days. The trees are finally starting to show some green, though those that bloom with flowers first have already done so. 
I hope everyone has a great Easter and a great week. 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

New Blog Author

I added Momma (Alice) as a blog author. So now it's a blog for us sisters and our Momma. Momma's a gardener too, and actually has one going in her yard. She's also one of the blog authors for the PCGG blog. Momma and I just started crocheting, literally, as of last night. Momma's going for a pillow cover, and I'm aiming smaller. Starting with a coffee cozy type, but thinking I may do it for my plain glass flower vases. May go for a purple pillow cover later for Ayla's purple pillow, to help keep it clean better, but I'm not ready for that project yet. Hopefully, with Momma posting, the blog will be more active, since Jessa hasn't posted in forever, even with me pestering.
Other than that, not much else going on, aside from doctor visits. Dental for me, vision for me and Sean, followed by dental for Ayla.
Spring is finally starting to catch up here. Not too much green on the trees yet, but flowers are beginning to bloom, and the grass is mostly green.Going to go see the Winter Soldier tonight with my friend Dani. Can't wait, so I can watch the next Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episode.
 I hope y'all have a great weekend.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Still sick!

Ayla and I apparently had the flu last week. Fighting a cold right now. Learned something new today, after having an allergic reaction to cold medicines. Took NyQuil at about 2:15am, and throat got tight, but figured it was just from being tired and all the coughing... I wasn't entirely awake.Took DayQuil about 9am, and throat got tight again, and face started going numb. Took a Benadryl, which is helping, though I'm feeling really drowsy. Going to be a long, sleepy day again. But the thing I learned, was the cough suppressant in Day-/NyQuil, Dextromethorphan, is a morphinan based drug like Morphine and Nalbuphine, both of which I'm allergic to. No more of these medicines for me, though we won't throw them out, cause Sean can take them, lucky him. Can't wait to be done with this cold, I am beyond done with being sick. Ayla's still got a bit of a cough, but she's doing great otherwise.

Jeffery gave Sanatra a hair cut, though Jessa wasn't too thrilled about it, and neither is Uncle Bubby, but it needed cut.
He still has some of those curls. 

I hope everyone has a great weekend, and if you're in for this winter storm that's coming in, like we are, STAY SAFE!!
Time for a nap while Ayla watches a movie.

Friday, February 21, 2014

We're sick. :(

Stomach bugs and the flu are being passed around here. Ayla and I caught something and are running fevers. It stinks, it stinks regardless when your kid is sick, but being sick yourself and having to care for a sick kid as well, really stinks. Temps have been above 50ºF outside lately, and it's supposed to drop back to the 20-30ºF range next week. Ayla knows numbers 1-25 now, and only stumbles over the numbers like 13, 15 and 20...those numbers that don't sound like 1-10, but pretty good. I was impressed.  Don't remember what else I was going to share. I am really tired and kinda out of it, so maybe I'll remember for next post.
Hope you all have a good weekend, and stay healthy.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Happy Birthday, Ayla!!

Jan 27, 2010                         Jan 27, 2014

So much change! It's gone by so fast!!!
Can't believe she's already 4!!!
Happy Birthday to Ayla Bugg! Looking forward to many more birthdays.