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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Great Weekend

This past Thursday, I went to the dentist. They wound up doing three crowns, which although my two and half hour appointment became four hours long, they were able to make the crowns there in the office, so not having to go back to get the permanents put in was nice, but those four hours were long. Thankfully, I had an awesome babysitter that day (Nanna's are great for that). It's kind of weird not feeling those broken teeth there anymore. 
Ayla and I went for a mile walk yesterday, and she was upset she didn't get to walk farther, till we were almost back to the car, and her legs were starting to hurt.
Ayla and I went to the Farmer's Market in the next town over this morning. She was thrilled with the apron we found and bought for her. She was more than willing to help with dishes tonight, and I'm hoping wearing that during cleaning time will help her be more agreeable about that too.... It's worth a shot.
It's big enough that it should last a few years, depending on how rough she is on it.
We went and got ice cream after dinner too. She was rather spoiled today.
Tomorrow's Easter, though Ayla doesn't seem to aware of it, which is okay in some ways, because she's not pestering me about candy. Jessa says Sanatra seems to be getting sick. Hopefully not, as there's an Easter Egg hunt at church in the morning, and Momma's doing something for Ayla and Sanatra tomorrow at her house too. 
Monday I get to go for my yearly follow up with the ophthalmologist. Planning on getting new glasses ordered Tuesday. Same pair for three years now, I'm excited about new ones. 
The weather has been great here the past few days. The trees are finally starting to show some green, though those that bloom with flowers first have already done so. 
I hope everyone has a great Easter and a great week. 

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