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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Happy July!

Summer has begun, and today is the first day of July. We've had a lot and not much happening since the last post. In that time, Mom, Ayla, Mckey and I went to Indiana about a week after Mom and Grandma got back from there. We went up for a few days, and then Ayla and I got to drive back to Missouri all by ourselves. We both did pretty well, considering driving that far alone was a first for me, and Ayla did well in handling the trip. She wasn't terribly moody or whiny, and only two stops. I was more than pleased.

I've just started a seasonal part time job at Six Flags St. Louis in the Park Services department. Tomorrow will be the first day of actual on the job training, past two times there have been classroom type training. I've had a stress headache since earlier, and I know it's related to going back to work...why must it be so stressful?!? Actually, I blame it on inflation....If prices weren't getting so ridiculously high on things, I'd still be able to be a SAHM, and we'd not have to worry about finances so much....Oh, well. I applied to another place that's full time, and they told me today when I called that they should let me know before the 4th...so by Thursday. Pray for a yes, 'cause that'd be AWESOME!

Today is day 2 of Ayla being gone for 6 days. She's gone with Mom, Mckey, Aunt Beth and Uncle Clint to Kidder, MO to learn about Mittleider Gardening methods. It's the first time Ayla's been away from us for more than a night or two...and it's weird. The apartment is so quiet, cause she's gone and Sean sleeps most the day, being on the 3rd shift. I know it's good for all of us, but I miss my Ayla Bugg! They'll be back Saturday, but I work till almost 10pm that night, so we're both going to be tired. Good thing it's a holiday weekend, so Sean shouldn't be working, but even if he does, we live close enough he can walk to work. 

I've been watching more Asian (South Korean to be exact) shows lately, and everyone thinks I'm weird..It's 
Mom and Dad's fault that subtitles don't bother me.... I watched a movie yesterday that I don't want to watch again...It was a good movie, but I hated the ending, and I would hate it every time I watch it after. 

Jessa, Jeffery and Bubby all moved into their own place, closer to me, but further from mom. Jeffery is working at the same place as Bubby now, and Sanatra's jabbering some. He's not sure what to call me yet....He called me Bubby the one day, and I said no...we're going to have to work on that....everyone else has a name.

I go in two weeks for an eye evaluation to determine IF and WHEN we may do surgery to  correct my double vision, since the prism in my lenses are no longer strong enough to correct it. It's a surgery I'm not thrilled about because of what'd be done to correct it, but at the same time, I'd be zonked out for it, so I'm okay with doing the surgery too. LASIK....not so much...I don't wanna see stuff coming at me. Sean's pushed his consultation for that off, but we just recently switched insurances since the company he works for got bought out by another, so that was a fun process (not). 

For you locals, my double vision doesn't disrupt my driving....There are days when it's worse than others....and I don't drive if I'm not comfortable driving....It's just been causing a lot more headaches and eye strain. So don't worry about me driving. Well, hopefully most days it won't be too bad....Since I'm going to have to drive myself to work.

Other than that, not much else is going on aside from Sanatra's birthday this weekend. Looking forward to that, though not so much to the fireworks. 
I hope y'all have a great week. For those in the States, have a wonderful and safe Fourth of July, to those not in the states, have a great weekend. 

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